'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Ginger Zee's Favorite Moments

Zee looks back at her favorite, and most extreme, moments on "GMA."
6:54 | 11/13/15

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Transcript for 'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Ginger Zee's Favorite Moments
? because I'm happy ? We are happy about our 40th birthday celebration. Ginger, your turn to share your favorite "Gma" memories. It's been such a privilege to be part of this family. For the past four years and I've had amazing experiences to be able to travel the world and share stories with our viewers and about some of our viewers too. The "Gma" weather team just grew by one. A very special one, ginger zee, welcome. Thank you so much. My first day at "Gma" was all nerves. Everybody, welcome ginger, please. She starts -- is this that's something the storm prediction center puts out. Imagine the power of flattened trees. ? "Gma" has created life memories I will never forget and my bucket list is getting short. I had no idea what I was getting my life into. Whoo! Oh. Good morning, America. This place is so surreal, you guys. Oh, my gosh, you can see it. We've made it one story of 27 yet to go. This is kind of the craziest thing I've done yet. What was pretty significant about coming to "Gma" was my storm chasing background. Had a funnel just moments ago. Imagine, though, a four to even eight-foot wall of water. Down here, it's ld. If you're not a meteorologist in the field watching a storm, feeling a storm, knowing what it tastes like even, then you're not understanding the atmosphere and then el Nino happened. It's been such a heavy weekend for everyone in Oklahoma? And it was the first time I've had someone close to me pass away in a story. I remember that morning one of the producers started calling me and said, ginger, Tim died in the tornado and I said, that's not possible. It's actually not possible at all. He's the Mo Essex experienced, he's the best scientist out there. I think it really hit me not only as the science that I do and what Tim did every day, important we think in some ways that we're slightly invincible and to watch someone you know become part of that story and then to have to cover it I'll never forget that whole day so that one sticks out to me in a very poignant way where I thought we are all part of this together. There was a story I wanted to tell. Environmental stories don't usually get picked up. The population of vultures in Nepal was declining. I found this group that did parahawking to give attention to the vulture population. Deadliest catch, definitely feel psych seasickness. I have never thrown up so much in my life for one thing. I'll be fine. You got to see it and feel it and know why these people are putting their life at risk for crap. That one I hopefully will never forget. What is the scariest one? The sharks. I feel like I'm in a movie. Bring them on. I loved it. The jellywish, swimming with them. The scariest for me was NASCAR. Fast on the ground is no good. To become someone who can kind of make history in a way or be a part of a team that does that, it feels surreal. Live from 10,000 feet. Skydiving live was memorable. Nobody knew if we were going to be able to pull it off. The anchors were more concerned for me. Oh, my gosh, ginger, be careful. The skydiving one was memorable in the history way. Just look at this. It is unbelievable. I went to Vietnam, being in that cave was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. But at the end of it you look back and you go, wow. I climbed this. I'm part of history. I'm one of only a couple hundred people that have been able to be in there and able to bring the world in to this global phenomena live. I think the one event I'll tell my kids and my grandkis is about Iceland. Right behind me is the biggest lava flow in more than 200 years and we are going to take you inside. I remember flying into that volcano overit with a helicopter and then flying a drone inside and flying over this crater. The response that I got about how even life changing it was for them watching, that one is going to stick with me forever. Right here on "Good morning America." I've never been in a place that believes in you as much as they do here. I am honored to be part of the on air people. These people have so much experience and to become part of a team like that and help round out what I think is a nice family, that feels good. It feels good to be a part of every morning of the you may never sleep for a couple of years. You may never but the opportunities that come to you are second to none. A lot of screaming in that. Yeah. You make it look -- you have the hardest job here. It's not even close. You should get out more, ginger. Again, one of us interviewed the president. Not jumping out of a plane. You have no idea who the special guest is. I don't. It could be anyone from "Beverly hills 90210." Alex trebek. But do you hear that? I do hear it. Your special guest is coming. Do not turn around just yet. Oh, my god. Oh, my gosh. How are you doing? I am like this -- I can't believe this is happening. Congratulations, by the way. Thank you so much. He just got married. Thank you. How are you doing? I was a huge fan of yours on "Idol." I watched the whole season, picked him out at the beginning. Dan, you remember. I do remember talking about you early and often. Early and often. Your music has been so instrumental even in my relationship with my husband. The first gift he heifer got me was the sheet music and we have it framed in our home. Oh. Yeah. Thanks for making me a part of it. You're shaking. You're making me -- I'm shaking. I told him, we have a lot of people come on and I -- You always wanted -- I think I talked to one time through the camera. Because I was doing the anniversary -- I was like, you have to say hi to ginger. Oh, my goodness. Yep. That's the picture. He took a picture. Phillip, I'm -- Now you can get a real picture and take that and frame that. Along with the sheet music. Yeah. Put that in your bedroom. In the nursery. Maybe we have a name for the kid. Nah. My name is weird. No. Don't want to use my name. It's memorable but it's weird. Phillip Phillips zee. Yeah, that's -- something there. You are a great sport. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Got to be a little weird for you. It's okay. I'm just happy to be here. No Alec trebek. We couldn't decide but we're so thrilled. Thanks that y'all.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"Zee looks back at her favorite, and most extreme, moments on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35175438","title":"'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Ginger Zee's Favorite Moments ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40th-anniversary-ginger-zees-favorite-moments-35175438"}