'Goodfellas' Actor Says 'Simpsons' Stole His Likeness

Frankie Carbone is suing Fox for $250 million, claiming the "Simpsons" character Louie is based on him.
2:45 | 10/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Goodfellas' Actor Says 'Simpsons' Stole His Likeness
Let's move on. It's good fellas versus the simpsons. An actor from the movie say his character was ripped off and popped up in Springfield. T.j. Has more. Good morning. This actor for being ripped off, he wanted $250 million. So what character in the simpsons is worth that? Homer? Marge? Bart? Crusty the cloun? Louie. He's shown up only a handful of times in the show's 25-year history. This is Frankie Carbone. The mobster from goodfell las. And this is Louis. The simpsons character accused of being a copy of Carbone. That's according to frank, the actor who plays him. If he's taking it lightly? Forget about it. Suing for $250 million saying they drew the inspiration from his Carbone character. Whoa, why did that come from? Reporter: Writers for the simpsons lived next to him when he was developing the character for franky. And Louis made his debut in 19 sit, just a year after goodfel goodfellas. He's been in protecting it before. He had beef with the Frankie Carbone sandwich, they used his picture to promote. They have removed the photos and changed the name of the sandwich. As for Louis, he lives on. But the lawsuit makes it clear, he believes the simpsons wise guy hits too close to home. Or should we say, homer. Si ber row and fox, they would not respond. $250 million, it's shown up in 16 episodes out of the 550 plus that we have scene from the simp simpsons. Someone steal my persona. Better go for it. I'm suing spongebob. You are? Look at spongebob and look at me. He's in every episode. I have at least a billion waiting for me to claim. Just saying. If you win, won't be seeing you a lot of Thursdays. Not seeing me at all, George. Smile just got bigger, Michael. Also the girth of your arms

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Frankie Carbone is suing Fox for $250 million, claiming the \"Simpsons\" character Louie is based on him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26395616","title":"'Goodfellas' Actor Says 'Simpsons' Stole His Likeness","url":"/GMA/video/goodfellas-actor-simpsons-stole-likeness-26395616"}