Man accused of encouraging terror plot against Prince George

A British national accused of encouraging extremists to target Prince George at school pleaded not guilty to the charges against him today.
3:38 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Man accused of encouraging terror plot against Prince George
Back now with that threat against prince George. The suspect in court. He even shared a picture of the 4-year-old online, gave out the address of his school and warned the royal family will not be left alone. Our chief attorney correspondent Terry Moran is at kensington palace with details. Terry. Reporter: Good morning, George. The British royal family are among the highest profile terror targets in the world, the U.S. President and pope also. In this country which has seen five terror attacks in 2017 the threat is very real even for the little ones. This morning British authorities charged this man with two terrorism offenses after prosecutors say he threatened prince George allegedly posting a picture of the 4-year-old royal with details about the prince's preschool on social media. Along with an ominous message that prosecutors say was meant to help others plan terror attacks. He's been arrested and to have the evidence kind of against that it must have been kind of quite credible. Reporter: British media reported the picture husnain Rashid posted showed the young royal on his way to school with silhouettes of ISIS fighters and texts saying the royal family would not be left alone. It's not their first scare. This incident comes months after a security breach on prince George's first day of preschool back in September. Authorities say this royal super fan, Louise gentry gained unauthorized access to his school not once, but twice in 4 hours. Authorities characterized the the woman as mentally ill after detaining her near the school. In 2003 a comedian dressed in traditional Arab garb skirted security at Windsor castle crashing prince William's 21st birthday party and got all the way to the prince even kissing hill on both cheeks. Last year a man was arrested seven minutes after scaling the wall of Buckingham palace but back in the early '80s a 33-year-old Michael Fagen was able to scale that same wall before climbing up a drainpipe and breaking into the palace. Then wandering into the queen's bedroom and waking her. She woke up and spoke to him for ten minutes until security arrived. However, recently the threat is evolving. The type of terrorists we're looking at is somewhat different. They are looking to achieve an ideology rather than possibly any form of financial or political motivation which makes them therefore more dangerous. Reporter: And all ice on the next royal wedding. Tens of thousands expected to line the trestreets outside Windsor castle. The queen and many others will be there. Before Meghan wakes down the aisle the newest princess will receive security training. Just as Kate did before her 2011 nuptials to prince William. The police will teach prince Harry's bride-to-be how to react in an emergency situation like a terror attack or being taken hostage. Along with all the protocols and privileges and responsibilities she'll learn, security as well, part of the education of a princess in the 21st century. Terry, such a scary time in great Britain. Yesterday you brought us that threat against 10 downing street, the prime minister. So they're not going to be coming off this highest state of alert. Reporter: No, they won't. In fact, if anything, one of the things that British security services have said they also thwarted nine terror attacks. The pace is very intense and right now the security services are almost outmanned by the number of people who want to attack targets like this. George. Okay, Terry Moran, thanks very much.

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{"id":51641353,"title":"Man accused of encouraging terror plot against Prince George","duration":"3:38","description":"A British national accused of encouraging extremists to target Prince George at school pleaded not guilty to the charges against him today.","url":"/GMA/video/man-accused-encouraging-terror-plot-prince-george-51641353","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}