NFL Stars Attend Super Bowl Parties Before the Big Game

ABC News' T.J. Holmes reports on the spectacular pregame parties.
3:06 | 02/05/17

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Transcript for NFL Stars Attend Super Bowl Parties Before the Big Game
Is that Bruno Mars? It appears to be Bruno Mars. They say everything is bigger in Texas. That could be true for the jam-packed super bowl parties. We're going give you a front row seat. T.J. Holmes went party-hopping. Have you gone sleep? Did you come straight from the party? Oh, I have to -- Don't answer. Don't answer the question. Reporter: No, I hear y'all like to keep it real here. That's what happened last night. And, you could tell how much people partied by -- you can really check how droopy are their eyes or how cluttered are their wrists. Yes, yes, it's super bowl Sunday. Last night was build as super Saturday night. The stars alined all across Houston. For super bowl LI. The city's kind of buzz ppg they're excited about the game. Reporter: How did you get him to be pats fan? I don't think it's hard. Brady. Brady, Brady. Reporter: Ahead of the face-off on the the field between the pats and falcons, celebrities and fans have virtually taken over Houston the. How sit didn't with the baby, partying at the super bowl? A larger entourage. Reporter: And party until the sun came up. This is Sophie Schneider. I have to ask. Reporter: Got in on the action, too. On the NFL honors red carpet. Good morning, America. Reporter: With an tone know brown. And Von Miller. She was palling around with the peanut. What kind of jewelry we got on here? This is my fancy NFL exclusive wristband. Reporter: And she landed an interview with dak Prescott. My teammates are why it's been easy and fun. They're great guys. Great teammates. They're like brothers. Reporter: And then the power house performances. Halftime veteran Bruno Mars along with fergie, John legend, and Taylor Swift. They all hit the stage and rocked out at glamorous parties all over Houston. ??? I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man ??? ??? better man ??? Reporter: All right. So, guys, it was a party night. It got a little news from Taylor Swift. At the concert, she told us all that, in fact, she has no tour dates planned for the rest of the year. So, in fact, the show we saw last night, she said, it's her only concert of 2017. And that we were attending 100% of Hur tour dates for the year. Let's see if she sticks to that. It was worth the lack of sleep on your party then, it sounds like. Reporter: But don't I look we well-rested? We didn't want to intimate that you didn't. You have calm of hours before kickoff. Enjoy your sleep. Reporter: Yes, just a couple hours. Thank you. You look wonderful. Great job. Coming up on "Gma," upping

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{"id":45280032,"title":"NFL Stars Attend Super Bowl Parties Before the Big Game","duration":"3:06","description":"ABC News' T.J. Holmes reports on the spectacular pregame parties.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-stars-attend-super-bowl-parties-big-game-45280032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}