Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Prosecutor Picks Apart Athlete's Story

The court was forced to adjourn twice because of Pistorious' emotional breakdowns.
4:18 | 04/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Prosecutor Picks Apart Athlete's Story
Right to the Oscar Pistorius trial. Dramatic and contentious day on the stand for the blade runner and lama Hasan is at the courthouse in Pretoria, south Africa. Good morning, lama. Reporter: Good morning to you, George. The lead prosecutor is picking apart every detail, every single word that Oscar Pistorius has said, a feisty Pistorius has been trying to fight back in court breaking down several times and forcing the court to adjourn twice. We love you. Reporter: This morning, Oscar Pistorius welcomed by adoring supporters outside the courthouse. Inside gerrie nel, aka the bull terrier picking up right where he left off. Your version is so improbable that it cannot be reasonably possibly true. Reporter: Again pounding the blade runner about what happened before he shot his model girlfriend when he says he heard intruders. What did you shout? I screamed, I said get the Out of my house. Get the Out of my house. With respect to the court I'll just repeat what you said. Get the bleep out of my house. That's what you shouted at reeva. Isn't that why you got emotional now. Reporter: Pistorius saying he heard a noise that night and fired out of fear. But also testifying that he did not intend on firing at an intruder or reeva. Why are you getting emotional now? I did not fire at reeva. Reporter: Earlier the prosecutor honing in on how he first warned reeva. If somebody were to say that you whispered, that person would be lying. Am I right? That's right, my lady. You know who that person is? Because somebody said it. No, my lady. It's you. You said it. You said, "I whispered to reeva." Pistorius fighting back more animated than previous days trying to explain the contradictions. I must have made a mistake by saying whispered. I meant it low. Reporter: Nel is attempting to use Pistorius' own testimony against him trying to puncture ho holes in his version of events. Well, for the first time the prosecution is bringing up those screams neighbors heard. Neighbors heard a man and woman screaming. Pistorius is now trying to convince the judge those shouts were his so look for the prosecution to continue this aggressive line of questioning. George. Okay, lama, thanks. Now to chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. The prosecutor picking apart every detail. This may be the most important day in the trial yet. This is the day where prosecutors show that his story that he thought that there was an intruder falls apart. They're going through each and every detail, where were her jeans found, the duvet cover versus blood spatter, where her shoes found at the house all this to say he never believed that there was an intruder. He knew that she was still in that bed. Now which side of the bed she was on. A crucial question, because, remember, Pistorius says he got his gun from underneath his bed. He got the gun from underneath the bed on the side she usually slept on. He's claiming she happened to be sleeping on the other side on this particular night. Except that her flip-flops or shoes were found on the side she usually slept on. So this is crucial. This basically says, wait a second to this judge, can you really believe his story that he wouldn't have known if he's going to get his gun from underneath the bed that she wasn't in the bed anymore and she's not responding? Every time he's yelling and screaming and saying -- they're basically trying to show none of this adds up. We see how aggressive this prosecutor is. He doesn't just ask questions, he -- He's calling him a liar again and again. It's as if we have a closing argue. Calling him a liar. Saying he's tailoring the evidence repeatedly in the case. Neff be allowed in a U.S. Courtroom. The judge would immediately say, please stop badgering the witness but here they're allowing it, whether it's effective or not, whether it would be more effective to show he's a liar rather than say he's a liar, we will see. Thanks very much. Now a "Wheel of fortune"

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The court was forced to adjourn twice because of Pistorious' emotional breakdowns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23315349","title":"Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Prosecutor Picks Apart Athlete's Story","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-trial-prosecutor-picks-athletes-story-23315349"}