Paralyzed Tulane Graduate Signs With New Orleans Saints

College football star Devon Walker's life changed when an accident paralyzed him from the neck down.
3:38 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Paralyzed Tulane Graduate Signs With New Orleans Saints
Now, this will make you feel good. It's the Friday "Feel good." It's Friday. You want to feel good. And so, we're going to highlight an inspirational story that touched us during the week. When I was back home over the weekend down south, I heard about a talented young man, who got knocked down but never gave up. He kept on pushing. And realized the dream of a lifetime. We're going to talk to him in a moment. First, take a look. A talented safety for tulane university's green wave, Devon walker was a force to reckon with on the football field. But on September 8th, 2012, a freak accident during a game against Tulsa cut Devon's football career short. That does not look good. Reporter: Paralyzed from the neck-down, Devon's world was forever changed. Good. Reporter: But still, his dreams have been realized through hard work and resilien resilience. This past Saturday, he graduated with a degree in cell and molecular biology. And that same day, Devon signed a account with the New Orleans saints. I'm glad to be up here with him. And I'm superproud, his recovery. They brought me over here. Reporter: Talk about a graduation gift. Yes, indeed. Everybody give it up, now, for Devon walker. And his former coach at tulane university, Curtis Johnson. We call him C.J. Devon, you were the talk of New Orleans. How much of a surprise was it for you that our beloved saints signed you? It was wonderful. It really was unexpected. I thought I was going to go to eat oysters with some of my family. But they surprised me. Coach Payton and coach C.J. Said they were going to sign me to a contract. I didn't know what to think. That's a great graduation gift. Congratulations on that, as well. There's some really difficult times for you. What did you say to yourself to get you through those challenges? I just mainly once I got out of the hospital, I realized, the people behind me, helping me. Helping me through my injury. And the people who had injured the same way that I did. Every day I woke up, I say, if I don't get up, somebody else might not get up. Bless your heart for that. Thank you. And we're up and beside you. And, C.J., talk about how he really -- not just your team, but the whole community. And you're from New Orleans. You're a former saints receivers coach and can realize the impact he's had. He's tremendous. We were in an airport yesterday. They were talking about how much of an inspiration he is to all those guys. He is doing me a big favor. I never have to write a speech before the game. This guy is just amazing. You said when you got home, that you saw a picture of yourself. And what did you say after you signed with the saints? Tell us about that picture you saw. The picture when I was 1, with a saints uniform on. Oh. When I went back home, I wound that in my photo album. And I thought to myself, we made it. We finally got it. Devon, C.J., thank you. And your family, I know you give them a lot of credit. They're here in the studio with us. Thank you for making us feel good on Friday.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"College football star Devon Walker's life changed when an accident paralyzed him from the neck down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23839619","title":"Paralyzed Tulane Graduate Signs With New Orleans Saints","url":"/GMA/video/paralyzed-tulane-graduate-signs-orleans-saints-23839619"}