Rebel Wilson's 'Super Fun' Rise to Comedy Fame

Wilson takes role of writer, producer and star of ABC's newest comedy "Super Fun Night."
4:17 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rebel Wilson's 'Super Fun' Rise to Comedy Fame
abc rolled out its new shows, we saw her take the stage and own it and dominate it. Rebel wilson with us this morning. Hey. It's going to be a super fun night. Here in times square, we want to take a sneak peek at all the fun. Take a look. Now that I've got promoted at the firm, people are really seeing that I'm a completely responsible, professional person. ♪ good morning. It's going to be terrific. We saw the pilot. We've taken peeks at it. But you are nothing if not busy on this. Writing, producing and, as well, starring. How do you balance just an average workday here? It's really tough. Like, we work 16 hours a day, to get this show on the air. And now, I'm so excited it's finally coming out tonight after "modern family." It's going to be terrific. Amazing. You'll see all of the hard work we've been putting into it. We hear you speaking in an american accent. I first wanted to do it in a russian accent. I'm very good at russian. Like so believable. But, yeah. The show is sit here in manhattan. And it's really not my normal australian accent. In the last eight weeks, it's, hi, my name is kimmie. Is it tough? It hurts my face to do an american accent for more than two hours. I start going like this to shake it out. It's terrific to see, a lot of stereotypes being broken down in this. Uh-huh. And is there -- was there anything greater you wanted to make? Not just -- it's about social outcasts and what happens outside. In manhattan, they are like the opposites of the "sex and the city" girls. This is dorky and socially awkward. And the main message of the show is to inspire people out there who think they're not so cool or popular, that they can get out there and have a fun and exciting life. Growing up, was it something you always felt? If I just get my shot, I'm going to -- there are -- nobody thought I would be an actress. Come on. And that I'd have my own tv show. I can see a billboard over there. My flashing boobs. I can see one boob from this angle. It's surreal to be in times square. When I came here to go to comedy store. And to have my show premiering, it's awesome. You are a multithreat. Are you going to be singing and lots of physical comedy in this one? I don't want give too much away. But I will be singing an amazing meat loaf number tonight. Twitter sent in some questions. Ah. This is first from tara. Heard a rumor, you have a law degree. Is it true? Yes. So, my character in the show is a lawyer. And because I in real life have a law degree -- you wanted to put it to good use. If everyone gets arrested right now, I could maybe help. Give her a call. She's available. Angela robbins wants to know, celebrity crush is whom? Definitely channing tatum. Hard to beat. What does he have the rest of us don't have? Other than all that great stuff. Finally, I'm going to make you pick one. Who was your favorite "pitch perfect" co-star and why? They're all my friends. There's like ten of them. All tied for first? A guy, adam divine, I played opposite with. And he is the funniest dude. He has his own show. All right. She wants you to follow her. We'll get you that after in the break. Rebel wilson, everybody. "Super fun night." 9:30 eastern right here on abc.

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{"id":20442637,"title":"Rebel Wilson's 'Super Fun' Rise to Comedy Fame","duration":"4:17","description":"Wilson takes role of writer, producer and star of ABC's newest comedy \"Super Fun Night.\"","url":"/GMA/video/rebel-wilsons-super-fun-rise-comedy-fame-20442637","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}