Royal Family Releases Photo With Prince George

The portrait is first official photo of the baby prince with his parents since his christening.
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for Royal Family Releases Photo With Prince George
Coming from George stephanopoulos. Maa picture is worth 1,000 words. This is the first official portrait of will and little prince George since his christening. Hamish Macdonald has the story. Reporter: This is the third official photograph of prince George. It offers an unusually relaxed glimpse of a young family at home in their apartment at kensington palace. 8-month-old George sis on his mother's leave. They released the picture days before the trip to New Zealand and Australia. This is about the coming out of prince George. Reporter: This is about traveling their empire. T about there digs. Like his father 31 years ago, prince George is expected to have a starring role. He's destined to one day become king George of New Zealand and Australia. William and Kate will travel where his parents visited in 1983. I think prince William will try to play down the formality of the occasions. He would much prefer to go to a state barbecue than a state banquet. Reporter: Like the trip to Canada competing in dragon boats and the tour of the south pacific, this expa digs will be action-packed. They'll ration America's cup yachts in auckland. They'll venture the rapids on a jet boat. They'll face questions about their family planning schedule. Expectations of another baby follow them almost everywhere. Prince William made it leer, saying recently, one is enough for the moment. For "Good morning America," hamish Macdonald, ABC news, London. If you look closely, the sweater that George has, with his name on it, was a gift for his grandfather. I'm sure it sold out. Even babies with the name Johnny have a sweater that says George. A beautiful baby. Looking forward to more photos. Also looking forward to tonight. It's a big night for robin.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The portrait is first official photo of the baby prince with his parents since his christening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23125236","title":"Royal Family Releases Photo With Prince George","url":"/GMA/video/royal-family-potrait-released-prince-george-23125236"}