Plus-Size Two-Piece 'Fatkini' Flies Off Store Shelves

Some suggest the so-called "Fatkini" is another sign of the "end of the skinny girl" era.
3:03 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Plus-Size Two-Piece 'Fatkini' Flies Off Store Shelves
Also sizzling on the "heat index," we've been talking about this all morning, as well. The hottest swimsuit of the summer right now flying off the shelves. Two-piece bathing suit for plus sizes and linsey davis is here with the story. Reporter: Before they hit the pool hundreds are ready to t the plunge into this the sexy swimsuit saying the galaxy print bikini conceals and reveals and gives them just the right boost of confidence. ♪ Reporter: As summer approaches, hollywood's hottest bodies are already hitting the beach in their bhini best. But the bikini babes making the biggest splash this summer are proving you don't have to be a size 2 to wear a two-piece. Making waves this morning, a new swimsuit nicknamed the fatkini partially designed by a plus size blogger gabby greg. I wanted to design bikinis that were style iron, young and fresh. I think a lot of the swimwear on the market for plus sizes is frumpy and mate tronly and a lot designed to cover us up. Reporter: Sales for this galaxy print bikini are out of this world selling out in just two days. For my readers them seeing me in a bikini has really pushed them to try it out because they said, you know, I've never done this or I haven't worn a by keen economy in ten years but thank you very much. I finally have the confidence now that I see how great you look. Reporter: Demand was so overwhelming the retailer swimsuitsforall said some who ordered it won't receive it. Liz black was thrilled to get her hands on one. Every woman wants something that fits her body. Her curves, her style and to have options like this. Where you are larger, they're so few and far between this is such an amazing opportunity. Reporter: Would you say to plus size women have been crying out, what about us? Don't forget about us. We're sexy too. Of course, every woman wants to feel sexy and you can't feel sexy when you're drowning in a big old swim dress. Reporter: Some portions of the fashion industry appear to be listening. Is this the end of the skinny girl one headline questioned in reference to this recent h&m ad using a plus size model to showcase its new swimwear collection. We need to get to a point with what we're surrounded by in the media, in hollywood and in stores to show the american woman it's okay to be a size 14 and in your bathing suit. Reporter: Why did it take so long for them to make something like this. I think I understand why it took so long. I think they feel like plus size women and bigger women want to hideaway and be covered up and they're finally realizing that's so far from the truth. Reporter: These suits range from 10 to 24. The message to the fashion industry, make more. After all the majority of women in this country are reportedly a size 14 or larger. It appears there's an untapped market of women waiting to spend their money on something fab. The suits are flattering. And sexy at the same time.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Some suggest the so-called \"Fatkini\" is another sign of the \"end of the skinny girl\" era.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19270364","title":"Plus-Size Two-Piece 'Fatkini' Flies Off Store Shelves","url":"/GMA/video/size-piece-fatkini-flies-off-store-shelves-19270364"}