'Orphan Black' Star on Playing Cloned Characters: 'I'm a Zombie Afterwards'

Maslany appears on Popcorn with Peter Travers and talks about her hit BBC America show 'Orphan Black' and reveals how she pulls off playing every single 'Orphan Black' clone.
18:15 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for 'Orphan Black' Star on Playing Cloned Characters: 'I'm a Zombie Afterwards'
Yesterday was so quiet on the ice in front. Yeah same here. Well I'm completely over but I know Tanzania's. Might have to make some. They so. That never mentioned anybody calls them K you know and but you knew her best Alison Singer sing anything to me but she didn't share every little cheese. An estimate from. Clown in a mass. Went to the two situation mosque. And the only machine. For the record I you know I won't even remotely anything. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn and where we tell you what's happened in the culture. And for four seasons now on BBC America this initial court often that stars might get tough on them funny. Who gives about twelve great performances in every episode. Why are you one of those benighted souls who hasn't watched or die yet. We'll get busy we'll wait before we start this year we will welcome thank but I must be. The hardest thing in the world I'd done Pete I think people. To see and what's it does. And that's what's it about and I start and people have to do an intervention to stop yet. Time to its very complicated so used to do it for us now all like basically each week for. Way to set all of this one with what had already know characters what does it show is about. Clones who discover each other. And go on search for their identity and for their origins in 242 care but then I was being too weak leaking but. But I doubt that we make her hand and percent for the but everything but rather talking about. The rest of us being Kentucky's one of that youth with a pitch to use well I auditioned for it like anything you know I had just I read that. Breakdown forehead and just was so kind of blown away by this. Challenge that it presented and that kind of the creative. Lake outlet that it was his you know. The opportunity to play multiple characters whose line and all of these characters individually we're exciting to me but tickets went on when show was really. Thrilling and I mean it always had this site by element to it because of the nature and gimmick. But at the same time it it always folic and the character drama me you know and and sort of genre bending in away like. There's thriller aspect its comedies and horrors you know as their principal of that and I would think if I read your position as an actor and got that I'd thing. Is the greatest opportunity yet my career and then when he got to be the week that I started shooting I think pan. And go hide some. As soon as I got the job as like now and pick up until then I was is dreaming about it just excited and just wanted to get it so badly in. The additions were so much fun and just getting to be in those rooms plane. Playing characters was exciting enough that once I got the part it was like we actually do that's how does this how does happen how to sustain it over a season. How to write discover all the nuances of the characters you know and and find that within me and and still be able to stand at the end of the day it was it was really a test of endurance like it was it is. Well if it. What I'm saying is that it's it's exhilarating yet at the same time there is that notion. How am I gonna do it and I think it must change but I want to get him then when I watched season. There aren't seeing Sarah when you know. Who basically con artist. Watching woman that looks just like her jump in front of for. And she decides right away to pretend to be person. That jumped in front of the strangest everybody's human and many Eddie. Yeah immediately its lot. And there's more people and there's that can some people don't know. What is tester is if it was still films. With so much terminology. A master of an obsessive like myself who. You just don't know yet I was saying to report had to we foresees. For you. Come on and sort of not eat this and not an ankle it right with all of which addiction they wanted to yet. It's not there now but what's interest thing about that forced. Currently of people on this team. Is that you kind of go back to see more. We we've gone back to this past that yet finding out about who bet he has yet what went on percent of the couples are. It's great it was so much fun to do because bath was sort of this man this character that. Sarah had played but didn't know and all the clients had a relationship with because she was kind of intrinsic to them finding each other into being protected. And when she. Gentlemen of the train it was all of these theories about why she'd done it and sort of abandoned them. And it's to get to go back and play her and and find who she was an and understand the origin of everything and it's the pressure that these. Characters are facing in and yet I was really fun extremely. So let's talk about them four seasons of doing this and what kind of therapy you base could go. It's it is did you ever save yourself when you wake up during a work candidate who Amma. There's a lot of that behind not to be on again I definitely have to like sheds the characters and the kinetics sort of nature of the show after it wrap. But I numb I'm is on the afterwards I had really that's what happened I was totally going to make a call Mac or I jump into a movie and then sort of the last two seasons. I went straight to a film right after. So cadre of injured another brother tacked to get AM they've only actions aren't exactly exactly. It's and that's a nice reset become a turn into something different. What kind of the day is on the set of orphaned black when you're you know bees there's so many aspects. Lou there's the makeup the hair. The getting yourself in the senate yet. But what's going on how well do you. I'm an amazing that people like that here make up work at humor incredibly. Creatively. Collaborative with means we read. We've created these characters together you know along with the writers and and the show runners but but also I've dialect coach who helps me. He hinted to the voices and street comes in. Yes he and his food and she did land here dare you do. I women at high. And I imagine. And then that yet have acting double who plays all the clothes opposite and you and I do now closing who is capturing Alexandria and she's an amazing actor. And and does the most selfless generous job on the planet he hastily yet she's never seen. T had a part season two of our show where she was on camera has a different character but when she works at me in the clothes she does all of the work. Outside of it you know she does on the dialect work on the movement where she watches all the dailies religiously and watches that the ark of the character how they're moving they're shifting. Emotionally every thing and then brings youthful performance that I get to work opposite clones. So I'm never you know and I'm never. I'm working sometimes at the tennis ball but at the best times and and getting to work with an amazing actor opposite Neeon. It's she's amazing and showcased the switch to. Yes that is us this Colin Powell and trade parts and you know sometimes the thing she does a lot of times the things she does on her side will influence what. What I then do on that side you know whether she improvised. Line that was really great inspired or. Her physicality somehow inspired meet me you know went where it's a very. Cool. Relationship. So what happens to use of these seasons where people say. She wanted me ask you when C. She asking that so I don't have to ask the obvious. And you've been here to a lot of ideas IB keep industry in and how do you differentiate these people had become different people but for me that now. Yes column my buddies simply elements. No it's it I think. For me it's the most natural thing an actor can do is transform like this I think that's what we're built to do that's what. At least the people who I admire and the people who I'm I work with we are thrilled to get to transform and we're excited by that challenge and I've I didn't friends with and I started in Prague in brought was like my background and home. That would help human totally. Intensive care to creation in just sort of like. In the moment. Building of of a character and all of my friends like a lot of different they're advisors so that sensibly. Changing in the moment is that Rio kind of hard. All of there there you know work as well and you actually EU. With Ian ace group that's. And that way are you are you a lamb you come up with something on so yeah I mean and we were really lucky we really just are allowed to. Play so you know always within the scene but but. We've sort of set the precedent a few the dynamics in the show are. Looser and you know Christian group who plays Donny opposite Allyson is that soccer mom we do a lot of in Prague between takes before it takes you know just to keep the dynamic alive in. To keep exploring and those things. And up on screen some times and adds that it's kind of colored differently it and like we we all a confusing and and in the work. Tell us a little about. Duke from Canada wouldn't you you're you're ignored them violently. Did I tell what you did kicking it with late lifting the wall and he's jumped over and yet right yeah finance act so why. The little bit about how you grew up and I grew up in a small town of Regina. The sketch I'm if there was some jokes. There is always. Nobody nobody yeah. But he Agilent Ryan's with Saskatchewan exactly exactly average now. So jasager up there. And here's my life. And then it went to Toronto. And I started acting like nine years old in theaters in TV series and stuff like that but I was like a dancers Kagan. And always performing and making my parents watchers. Do productions and living in fact as a Leo and I moved to China than it really started to think about it as Kraft and his career. And sort of go okay what does this mean to me and it started it as a kid. See your kind of that reinforcement is sort of what you going and yet they these intellect and doing so. I mean keep doing it but but. When I turn twenty and it lifts its rhinos like oh I. I need to know why I love this and why this is important to me. Started studying laden and watching films and we want tomorrow when it was my friends. Gave me cast that he's woman under the influence taught him he had yet I was. Certain my mind was gone I mean it's it's still one of my favorite films and its unit. Upwards of fifty times if she was on the show last year almanac that I think that yet there. How did you do that yet how is that possible. But that's because it's part of it is time prop totally but also those were heavily scripted scene they want and just the way that they played them so felt so. Much like you are watching somebody. Just be right you couldn't see there's no acting in it was just being. That. Performance specifically in that film. Just opened my eyes completely to the depth of what this career at this job could be. That you know of the extent of what we can express and the sort of the places that we can go. I was so moved by its inspired by. When he background to mean what is it that we didn't mean it was my money is Ukrainian Ukraine yes I'm and I chairman Ukrainian news like. It is the kind. Why ration yet into the Russian prisoners from ration and you were born to play its role. And black many different people yeah yeah this is. I would think that when you're doing anything we what's in Eads is. She should do just the line a little. Fly ball. A probe meant to say yes because I just saw and SXSW the beaded with your boyfriend. The and went my thought it was called the other yet and we. And home. She's a half. She's somebody peppers and the China U. The idea I'd say that's the story tune kind of very. Damaged people are coming together because they'd see something that is resonant and the EU and it can see themselves and each other that opposite outcome. The net and it's nice that the two viewed together BS. How could you live with somebody who isn't in the same effect yes I would and at and I it's also just the people on drugs there all my friends there artist in some way in just like killing. Exciting. Because he's also use of that and dampen yes. And he can't weekend you know really so good yeah and all that yet he's a really interesting actors kind of please only different notes and slightly different character does he help you with the preparing for open my totally we dust yeah efforts season. I was in such tired I'd panic. We'd have liked to Rio earth. Take a little addicting thing partly you know with the accent it and it's that you know and and it's. Yes season three there's a care to range of crystal. It's like a manicurist. And I was like I don't know I can't find the truth of her and we talked about you know her vulnerability in what she's hiding this mask isn't revealing and there's really it's it's great to have some need to collaborate with like. Want. Can you remember a specific thing that comes to your mind when somebody will say to you years from now. Where orphan plaque isn't on anymore although maybe they'll be on forever I don't know. What do you remember what comes to your mind instantly. At being really satisfied and pleased with what he did in a particular scene so I know actors are very self Kirk. We but there might be something recent that came close to what I mean wanted to. I don't know if there's anything that I feel like that satisfied with. One needs yeah closest to close yet you know let the first first. Episode of season one because I'd been dreaming about the script for so long and they picture that opening sequences. Over and over my head and and just. Recession. Iconic image of watch you know Cerro watching Beth jump off that train platform. I just had run a government had so many times was like obsessive that in dreaming about it and one team that part and when I got the cards. And got to stand on that train platform and do the scene and it's like freezing coupled. And I was looking at Katherine and there was something about being in serie issues in that moment that was just like. Mind blowing I mean I I don't know that I am satisfied with any part of anything I've ever done but but there was it there was it. I real satisfaction. In just being there in that image that I dreamed about for so. And then to see actually yet to fruition yet YT distinct. Things happen the same time totally adds great it was to Iowa moments I think. We have been on the show and it ends always song. Really that's it that's right crew yet. So it just it doesn't have to be complete it's just a little bit music because I love to hear the music in people's. OK yeah music in my head right now one should exit or. And as we've had a indicating. Bullet. Law aren't with guts and captain and then a gut spot in the ribbing him for evidence Scola. But he'd be a hero and the sky. The ten dollar and have another about it but I got a lot out of you know. And out of the hands of the like he. That place amid demonstrated and wow. That's all they've and Alexander. In this. At one. I'm so typical. Don't know what everybody and says he Odom junior was just fearless you've lies he shouted that share. And could witnessing anything from him that he's what I had to do that might and that's our youth are. But he would've loved your version. Oh my god there peace can only see that listen to it brilliant. And look at. Then there it is all the clones inside tacked. Also allowed Hamilton. And they all that would be something. Eight dollars had paid all the loans in that costs doing that completely him how to make it happen. We can we begin where but it was apparently. Exactly thank you so much bigger that it would talk to. Thank you for him if.

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{"duration":"18:15","description":"Maslany appears on Popcorn with Peter Travers and talks about her hit BBC America show 'Orphan Black' and reveals how she pulls off playing every single 'Orphan Black' clone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39877303","title":"'Orphan Black' Star on Playing Cloned Characters: 'I'm a Zombie Afterwards'","url":"/GMA/video/tatiana-maslany-orphan-black-playing-cloned-characters-im-39877303"}