Tony Robbins gives a motivational speech live on 'GMA'

The speaker shares some life advice and answers questions from the "GMA" audience.
5:35 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for Tony Robbins gives a motivational speech live on 'GMA'
He has changed my life. Back with my good friend Tony Robbins. Our audience is getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask him questions and we want to get right to it. Bill, do you have one. Bill Carmody. You interviewed dozens of billionaires. What is one quality they all share. I'd say I love wicked intelligence. Somebody incredibly smart but there's a lot of smart people that can't fight their way out of a paper bag. A hunger that doesn't go away. Look at a guy like Richard Branson. He's as hungry as when he was 16 and started virgin. Most get hungry to achieve and goal and drop out. If your hunger is never be, do, share or give less than you're capable of there's no limit to what you can achieve. You're a living example. You came from humble beginnings and never forgotten that and have given to others. Katarina? Breaking into a competitive workforce, how can I stay motivated to follow my dream? Well, the secret to really achieving anything is momentum and I'd love to show you just why the rich get richer and poor get poorer. Did you ever notice happy people tend to get happier and sad or depressed people get more depressed. There are four squares here, potential, action, results and belief or attitude. What is the potential of any human being? How many would agree most can do whatever we set our mind to. Most people don't tap that full potential. They take little action and what happens is if you don't think, oh, it's not going to work, I tried before, the relationship falls out. I never make money. If you have a limiting belief you'll use very little potential because who will take action when you think it's not going to work? You'll take little action, little potential and get little results. What does that do to your belief? See, I told you. So you tap less potential, less results and now you're in the downward spiral. If you can step in and change not your potential, it's already great. You can change your actions but if you walk around saying you wouldn't want to do this with me, would you? You can take lots of action and till not get results. Change your belief and the way to do that is get results in advance. I want to show you fast, just stand up. I'll show you. Stand up. Come on, Carolina. Most of you know that over the years they've done research in basketball, for example, where they take a group of people that practice for 30 days, a group that don't practice and a group that only practices in their mind. But they see it successful every time because it's successful every time it trains their body to do it and they become the best free-throw shooters. Try something. Put your feet together straight ahead and what I want you to do is put your finger trait in front of you like this and just slowly and comfortably turn clockwise. Notice where you naturally stop, right? And then once you see the spot come back around. Take your finger out of your neighbor's ear. Close your eyes and something so simplistic. You know how athletes visualize. Imagine your fingers coming up, see and feel it coming up. Make it feel like. See and feel it coming up and feel yourself turning twice as far and feel it and enjoy it. And then do it a second time. Three times as far. And then do it a third time like you're a little kid. Your feet stay straight and go all the way around to the front. Okay, now, open your eyes, put your finger out and now go as far as you can and see what's happened. Oh, my gosh. How many of you went significantly further? Raise your hand. How many went at least 25% further? How is that possible? You always have the same potential. That doesn't change. Your actions change. Your results change because we changed your belief. How do we do it? We got to get results in your mind which told your body you're in great shape so once you do this, this is how we change. This is how you break through. You know whenever you say you've given your best and get there and what do you find out? There's always another level. This is the way you get momentum and all of us right now are going one direction or the other. You might be doing really well with your kids in a positive way but your finance, not so tapping so much because your belief is limited so this book is designed to -- I made it so you can't afford not to read it. In four hours you will know a plan to protect yourself and four family and take advantage of the next time. Remember jack Kennedy our president, Joe Kennedy his father in 1929 had $3 million. 1932 after the crash he had $185 million. The crash is your greatest opportunity. Don't be afraid. Educate yourself. That's what this is about. Fear, we are all are about fear and sometimes fears the eye of the needle to get through and it consumes us. We're fearful. If you're waiting to not be afraid you'll be waiting a long time. Get off the sidelines. Courage doesn't mean you're not afraid. It means you're afraid but you do it anyway and training yourself and do it with anything in your life. So you can -- thank you so much. I know they were still standing. We promised because we're going to stay on Facebook live after the program goes off because there are a lot of people on social media that are asking questions and want to get to them but we don't have time here. Have about 30 seconds left and I want to tell everybody, all the proceeds go to feeding America. Yes. Tell us more about that if and if you -- if any of you want to join me, you know, we live in a country, the richest country in the world, have 47 million people that go to bed each night not knowing where they'll get food the next day and 17 million are children and the elderly. I was one of those people. I know that feels like. If you want to join me I'll match animent amount you do if you go to up to $5 million. "Unshakeable" is out now and guess what, everybody in the audience is getting it.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"The speaker shares some life advice and answers questions from the \"GMA\" audience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45981710","title":"Tony Robbins gives a motivational speech live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/tony-robbins-motivational-speech-live-gma-45981710"}