Wells Fargo bank debuts new cardless ATM machines

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
3:57 | 03/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wells Fargo bank debuts new cardless ATM machines
We are back now with the big board. Our good friend Larry Hackett is right here at the table. You're going to be worth the wait? I hope so. You're the second story. You'll let me know when I'm done. Will do. Always do. First up the next time you forget your wallet at home. You may no longer lead it. Wells Fargo is debuting new technology that may revolutionize the way they bank and ago sez cardless atm machines. Rebecca Jarvis joins us with the details. So, okay, let us know what's going on here, Rebecca. It's pretty interesting, robin. So atm fraud is up 550%. This is one way to combat it. Here's how it works. Wells Fargo leapt us the phone for the purposes of this demonstration. Download the Wells Fargo app and come to the atm. It says use an access code and you get that here on your phone, you say I have my access code, I'm going to enter the access code now that we have here, it is an eight-digit number that is unique to you and you enter that number right here, which is what I've just done, then you come in and you say, your P.I.N. Number. You know you normally enter that P.I.N. When you come to the atm with your debit card. Well, you still enter that number here today with this card or no card with your phone, and then you get your cash. So how much cash do we need, robin? You can never have too much. You never can have too much. Okay, we'll do 20. We'll do $20 and we'll get a $20 bill. So you say, if you want to get a receipt you say you winter a receipt. I'm going to say no because we're doing it on the phone. I'm just waiting on the machine now. Looks like it's going to happen. It's processing the transaction. There's no card. Bingo, $20, just the phone. All I needed was the phone, the Wells Fargo app and download the Wells Fargo app onto the phone and came here and got my $20. Goes to show -- The future is now. Cards may be a thing of the past. Thank you, Rebecca. Lighting up my wallet. Larry Hackett, you're here, man. You know why you are here, because we had a celebrity crime spree, unfortunately, that's hitting Hollywood. Actress Emmy Rossum becoming the last victim from "Shameless" and thieves made off with $150,000 in jewelry and they got it from her safe and a lot of celebrities have been targeted lately. What's going on? You had the new school, money disposal this. Is the ole school basically stealing money from people. There's a crime wave going on in the Los Angeles area. Stars are getting hit. Different people doing it. They don't think it's the same sort of people but you have Nicki Minaj relieved of $175,000. Kendall Jenner had $200,000 she had stolen out of her home and half a million from Nick young, the L.A. Laker star and biggest one so far is Alanis Morissette and this is not ironic, $2 million stolen from her home? Exactly. And the authorities are saying LAPD say they may, these celebrities because they are free about posting stuff -- They are letting people know where they are not. In Emmy Rossum's case she said she was in Canada which is precisely the same time the burglary took place and last year we had Kim Kardashian flashing her bling in Paris. These folk, cops are saying, might be letting bad guys know what's going on and how to get them because they're basically not home. They're recommending no posting. What are the police recommending? They're basically recommending you behave like you and I would behave, only let your friends into your social network. Put your privacy network on friends only so not everyone knows where you're going and don't flash your bling around on Instagram and social network. Good advice. Exactly. Just wear it on the red carpet. It has to go back so they don't have to rob me. It's not at my house.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46440809","title":"Wells Fargo bank debuts new cardless ATM machines","url":"/GMA/video/wells-fargo-bank-debuts-cardless-atm-machines-46440809"}