Woman turns airport layover into dance party

Mahshid Mazooji filmed herself dancing to Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" while stranded overnight at North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
9:10 | 09/28/17

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Transcript for Woman turns airport layover into dance party
We want to thank you guys so much for being with us on this Friday eve. Thank you audience members. You guys are awesome. I have a question for everybody in here. Who here ever got stuck in an airport? Who hasn't? Little frustrating. Little bit. It can get on your nerves. For those who have been waiting for their plane to take off, it can feel like a lifetime. There's this one lady who decided to have some fun. Take a look. ??? ??? la la la la ??? As you can see she didn't let it get her spirits down. She was stranded overnight in Charlotte, North Carolina. She missed her connecting flight. There you go. Everybody got some rhythm. She started dancing around the airport to Lionel Ritchie's "All night long" with all the employees. Got her moon walk on. Video has racked up over 1 million views. She's very cute. And she said I didn't want to sit around in anger. So she did something that made her the happiest which was dance. She included other people and I'm sure it made other people happy. How do you guys pass the time when you're stuck in airports? I dance. He just doesn't posted. You dance? Tiny dancer in his head. What do you do Lara? Yeah. I go to the bar. She said that like don't we all. Amy robach was traveling with our producer. They got stuck and decided to do push ups. We got run doing push ups and the other exercising the elbow over here. You gonna leave me hanging. No. That's a great life lesson, turn it around. I went into the control room when you were doing deals and steals and they were like Viola Davis isn't here yet with some panic. She is here now. Welcome the star of "How to get away with murder" Viola Davis. ??? You make me feel like a dangerous woman ??? ??? something bout you ??? How are you? I think I'm doing pretty good. You are doing pretty good. Nice to see you. What a way to wake up. You look beautiful. Thank you. I love the whole thing. We are so happy to have you here. Me too many. I'm awake. "How to get away with murder" it's back baby. It's back. You don't even know anything until you have the script in your hands. Sometimes Pete will come to me and show me a story and aisle say we're not going to go there. Anna Lise is dealing with her alcohol problems going on. You might recognize this character who is chatting up Anna Lise. Desmond. Bonny. I had a great aunt bonny. Know what her last words to me were. Shut your trap Desmond. Too bad for you I haven't learned that lesson. No you haven't. And Anna Lise smiles. We're looking at that and everybody is going they have great chemistry. You should because that's your husband. What is it like having him on set with you? It's good. At one point the director said you guys are having a lit really too much fun. He's supposed to be a stranger. It spices up the little marriage there. I thalove that. We want to talk to you about your daughter genesis. She's 8 years old. She's 7. She acts about 12. Does she got the acting bug? She's got the acting bug. She makes herself cry and then shell lo she'll look in the mirror like. I said genesis you have to tap into your emotions. She said okay mommy say rolling. I said okay and she put her finger in her mouth and made tears. We saw her back then as wonder woman. Now she's peak Halloween. This year it's a purple alien. It changes. We were talking about the fact you have an Oscar. Congratulations. Thank you. We know you have an Emmy. Two to anies. The only thing missing is a grammy my friend. Yeah, and I can't sing. As a matter of fact I told my husband and said Julius we should get married again. I'll prepare a song and sing it for you. He said, V, don't do that. I don't wake up every day thinking I have to win a grammy. I'm concerned about my daughter and other things like waking up. That would be sweet. To be an egot. I think there's 39 of them. It's not bad to have the triple crown. A comedy album also. You're funny. That wouldn't work either. How excited are you for this new season? You know what, I'm excited because I feel that everyone is going to learn more about these characters, what makes them tick. I'll learn more about these characters. At time I'm like didn't we kill so and so? You know, I'm thinking do we have any dead bodies this year. Yeah, they're going to be something coming up. It's got to be so sad you're reading this script and like I'm off the show. I know. Pete said I'm really not good in interviews. I reveal too much. I have to be really careful. No more. That was just a tiny tease. That wasn't so bad. I'm dealing with alcoholism and the loss of everything. So it's good. That's a tease. I want to go back a moment to your singing. We hear you have quite a mix on your I pod, an eclectic mix. You thought we were out of time. What's the oddest song you have? The oom bop, the Hanson twins. I have a lot of John Denver too. ??? You know what, you're eclectic in your music and your work. You have the triple crown. You'll get the grammy one day. The new season of "How to get away with murder" premiers

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{"id":50144206,"title":"Woman turns airport layover into dance party","duration":"9:10","description":"Mahshid Mazooji filmed herself dancing to Lionel Richie's \"All Night Long\" while stranded overnight at North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International Airport.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-turns-airport-layover-dance-party-50144206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}