Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger Make Fashion History

The actress and the designer have joined forces to create a vintage-inspired capsule collection.
5:58 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger Make Fashion History
Look at fashion. A new it girl on the show stealing up with the one and only tommy Hilfiger for a capsule collection to see a few of the fabulous looks and zooey deschanel is here to show off more but first Rachel smith has the lowdown on this, well, I'll say it, preppy partnership. Reporter: Classic American apparel spawning a $6 billion empire and she's a Hollywood darling lighting up the silver and small screen. Eye name is -- Reporter: And the music charts and the red carpet. Now tommy Hilfiger and zooey deschanel are joining forces for to tommy from zooey. Why zooey, why now? She's the all-american girl, great sense of style. Reporter: What is it about fashion and style? '60s, '70s style that's quirky. Reporter: This resonates through the spring collection as 16 dresses, all under $200 and a sampling of jewelry and handbags. We both like this nautical look. Reporter: Yes and zooey describes it as being medical. She explained what she wanted and what she didn't want and started talking about it. Different sketches and fabrics, different buttons, trims. Great on you. Thanks, tommy. Reporter: Tommy's tips for other wearable items for spring. Keep it simple. Great sandal. Great handbag. Spice is going foe be the color. It could be a fall collection? You never know. Stay tuned. Reporter: For "Good morning America," rafrm smith, ABC news, Los Angeles. There you have it. So excited to have zooey with us. Welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you. We know you can sing. We know you can act. Is designing something you've always wanted to do? Yeah, I grew up selling a lot of my own clothes so I had a little bit of a background in creating fashion. And how -- Homemade -- How much do these pieces reflect zooey? A lot. Really a lot because, you know, there were a lot of details that were things that I, you know, used on dresses that I made and it was a really great collaboration with tommy because he has so much experience. Such a great mentor. He had so many good ideas and then he was really collaborative and let me put my own spin on everything. A wonderful retro flair to it. Just this past year you wore tommy Hilfiger to the met gala. Yes. I hope we have a picture of that because you looked absolutely spectacular. Thank you. Were you already under way in this partnership. Yeah, we had been working on it for almost two years. It is hard work. Every single detail has been really well thought out. 16 pieces in the collection and also I love that you just recorded a song with prince. Yeah, that was actually an accident but a very -- gratuity to us one. What else is happening in your beautiful music career? Yeah, we're just working on -- my band, we're working on more stuff right now. If you -- your show "The new girl." I know you'll be wearing some of your own designs. Yes. That will be fun. It just worked out. Our last episode takes place on a cruise ship so these are all very nautical, so I sort of just put them in the mix and three got chosen so I was very happy. Let's see them already. All right. Great fashion show. Out here in times square and we want to talk about our first look. This is Jo, everybody. Wearing my favorite dress. Tell us about the dress, zooey that I absolutely adore. Drop waist dress. It has a pleat in the front with a hidden pleat detail. One of my favorite things and two little mock pockets. '60s inspired. Yes, it's very mod. We were inspired by twiggy and Gina shrimpton and modernized the shapes but very much has the '60s feel. Jo, you look gorgeous. Thank you so much. Next up Emma in a v-neck dress. Tell us about this. Tennis look. The fabric is kind of air thick Jersey so you know it's casual but can wear it out to dinner. Very pretty and '60s,'s 70s, early '70s. I see my mom in it picking me up from the pool. So fantastic. Thank you so much. Next up, we have Shao and she is wearing a dress that all the girls in the control room are coveting. I love this dress. It has that's really fine pleats. I love pleats so it has the white stripe detail and this is very early '70s. Yeah, it's like sexy. I like the look of the sort of the flow silk fabric. You can see a little bit of shape but it's not -- Correct. Thank you. And then finally Katherine, this is another great look. Well, I love ts print. Our signature print. And this also has a sort of similar sexy '70s feel. And I love -- Oh, thank you. I love this dress. I really love them all and a lot of people have asked if I have a favorite but I can't choose. They're your babies. Exactly. Come up, girls. The name of the line is to tommy from zooey. 16 pieces. Continued success with all you do. Thank you. Will you sing for us someday? Yes. Love that voice. We will throw it over to ginger

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"The actress and the designer have joined forces to create a vintage-inspired capsule collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23315700","title":"Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger Make Fashion History","url":"/GMA/video/zooey-deschanel-interview-2014-actress-tommy-hilfiger-make-23315700"}