Fighting continues on Syria-Turkey border

The fighting comes following President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops.
3:32 | 10/14/19

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Transcript for Fighting continues on Syria-Turkey border
We begin with pure chaos over seas in the Middle East where one single decision is having deadly. Ripple effects that decision by presidents from to a draw US troops from northern Syria. So Turkey could invade the region and wipe out the Kurdish forces that have long been allies with the US in the fight against ices. And now the president heading toward full withdrawal of all troops. As the instability has quickly intensified with people dying in alliance is changing so I wanna go straight to Ian panel who's on the ground in Northern Iraq. Just outside of Syria. Ian good to see you. I just wants you to set the scene of how all of this sort of spiraled out of control. Yeah I mean I've I've rarely steps in low close on Morris but rarely seen events move quite so quickly especially over the weekend. So you had a phone call that took place one week last Sunday another was warmly guest today between prisons the Warren of Turkey and president trump. In that's firm Cole president trump agreed to pull US border forces back from the Syrian. Syrian border with Turkey. Now the ready 150 than that but in effect they were acting as a buff up between the Kurds. And that's it's so as I pulled out present two on starts to send its forces in that and he just rapidly escalated two point Lugo well over a 100000 people displaced. Hundreds of people apparently have been killed. You've got lots of people on the move we've seen allegations of ethnic cleansing sectarian violence people being shot by the side of the road. You now have occurred to essentially dropped any kind of allegiance with the United States. They switch sides of the Syrian regime backed by Russia who are now moving on the Gary so the situation on the ground now as the US troops is post withdrawal. But the comes quite yet because the Turkish forces adjust to that north. And you could advancing Syrian forces to the south of the moments. Not entirely stock but it's starting to look that way how do you it she get out and let someone moves after the way. Turkey isn't going to back down prison 21 Sainz can pushes forces have a deeper. And meanwhile Bashar Assad of Syria is pushing its forces have a further north at some point these two forces he's two militaries sizable military's. The gonna clash. Yeah it's it's a very un complicated situation. And there's also. Ice is detainees that have been X gaping yes. Yeah I mean eight it DO a number of people predicted what would happen. And most of the worst case scenario predictions. Actually happened within the space of a week. To have something in the region so to 230 so ours is prisons armies gates who we're hearing allegations that many more than that's half that to the turkeys back took respect militias. These are X Syrian rebels but their radical is the mischief Heidi fleiss'. And today I'll kind of almost all holy Jihad. They have waging war against the Kurds and their fighters unveiled the ones apparently who are trying to get tax policies prisons from prison rules us or break cap devices prize in this refugee camp. 700 people. I sees women and children also flat so that Europe is the path perhaps we would see the stars invites his. Two point Cyrano I didn't think he's going to be quite that's but the truth is ours is wasn't defeated display the president said. And this is gonna allow them to prosper. All right Ian panel in a safe space right there in Northern Iraq just outside of Syria thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The fighting comes following President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66265671","title":"Fighting continues on Syria-Turkey border","url":"/International/video/fighting-continues-syria-turkey-border-66265671"}