Fast and Fabulous: NASCAR's First Female Pit Crew Member

Fitness trainer Christmas Abbott is trying her hand at changing tires in less than 12 seconds.
6:02 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Fast and Fabulous: NASCAR's First Female Pit Crew Member
Her name is Christmas and she has many gifts -- full name is Christmas joy -- for the record she's beautiful. She success -- she's probably in good enough shape to kick your butt and she has managed. To smash through one of the thickest glass ceilings in all of sports the NASCAR pit crew. Here's Hannah Storm from our sister network ESPN. It's one of the hottest workouts in the country cross -- And this woman 31 year old Christmas joy -- it is -- face of this fitness craze. She sold thousands of videos nice work. Has a handful of lucrative sponsorship deals and owns her own -- are -- reading and is worth close to a million dollars. So why is she doing. It's one of the least glamorous hardest jobs in sports. Being the anonymous unsung member of -- NASCAR pit crew. It's the ultimate high pressure job. -- -- It's a job that until now. Christmas is out to change all that. Trying to break in the area and become the first woman to go over the wall in NASCAR's biggest -- and the Sprint Cup Series. -- fired strength atlantis'. And -- -- all. Well second. That's how long you have during and NASCAR stock. Even an extra second could mean losing the race. -- -- time when you sell it to you -- here. I think in the very beginning anything he -- at 7 AM. I'm right now. For habit the journey to pit road ironically began seventeen -- When you -- thirteen -- involved in a car wreck that changed a lot of things for you what happened my sister and myself and my -- Westheimer was in the -- And it just. So -- has started during whenever kind of present -- -- percent of saying now I just started saying yes to trying a lot of different things. And they weren't always good decisions with drugs alcohol. Drugs alcohol thank -- now. Re depressed -- vastly depressed. Christmas credits an unlikely decision for saving her life. She went to a -- to work as a military contractor. Doing laundry for the army. And that proved to be just the sort of cleansing Christmas -- it needed how did it change your life. Being there. Going to every -- day after day for years when I got ever seized there is a very clear divide. The type people there -- and I was the liability. I was not going to be able to get up and take care of myself and and get out of get out away and at 22 years old. I was the one that they were gonna have to take care. It was in Iraq where she was introduced to the cross -- work out. That would end up making her a huge success. As accurate to me with this laptop any shows me this video and it -- continue to grow like my size. Thirtieth everywhere around and just getting accurate and -- -- so floor. That I wanted to be a part of it after four years in Iraq Christmas came home. And opened up her own cross fit -- in North Carolina the heart of racing country exit -- That's when NASCAR has the idea to recruit a female pit crew member. With various women looking to showcase their skills. Christmas one out smears is to play today and I ended up expelling that -- in -- It took her to a place no woman had ever. Michael Waltrip a razor for over thirty years and -- team owner decided to sign Christmas to contract. Making her the first female ever to -- full time deal to work on a NASCAR team. But she -- the deal has served -- Or was this won't trips way to create buzz there are people who criticize it as flat out publicity stunt what he's -- -- We do get a lot of publicity -- that's good but that's part of again that's part of it. But this is not publicity stunt Christmas is commitment is to be -- part of the team that goes over the law. It makes those that stops so they went to want that stand back and watch because she seems to have what it takes -- to be able to get there. And Christmas doesn't shy away from publicity. As in this recent shoot for -- magazine you pose nude in. -- magazine but have heels on an -- magazine. Rolled this year sexuality. Play I love my body for what it can do for me in my performance. It is kind of like a little bit of a powerhouse body. And you're probably gonna see me when I'm eighty Iran and around -- a little teeny bikini at the beats. Greg Miller is the trainer for all of Michael Waltrip racing's pit crew -- He's been around the sport. I would imagine there is some resentment at all of the attention. I think there is most of its unspoken but I think there's times where. People looking to -- there's a female what she trying to do it's our sport. For me it's all about stopwatch I don't care who they are I don't care what they look like if you can give me the stop that I -- that's gonna help Clark. Team succeed you're going to be the woman's -- but as good as she is so far the times for her tire changes are still around two seconds to slow. A virtual lifetime in racing. Which so far has kept her out of the elite NASCAR Sprint Cup races. The pace is grueling. This can end as I found out when she let me try might try you don't even want to know. For Nightline I'm Hannah Storm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Fitness trainer Christmas Abbott is trying her hand at changing tires in less than 12 seconds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19634329","title":"Fast and Fabulous: NASCAR's First Female Pit Crew Member","url":"/Nightline/video/fast-fabulous-nascars-female-pit-crew-member-19634329"}