ABC Digital Report: Massive Southern California Wildfire Grows

Biggest blaze now 15 square miles; residents await evacuation as fire reaches Malibu.
3:00 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for ABC Digital Report: Massive Southern California Wildfire Grows
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Tanya Rivero -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report a wildfire that began yesterday in comer real California about twenty miles inland from the Pacific. Is burning its way south southwest -- Malibu this afternoon tarring at least 101000 acres in its path. We're gonna take you now on the ground to Camarillo where KABC's -- of Phillips is there. Tracking the path of the fire -- the efforts to contain it. Hi there Daschle what's the latest. At this fire fight is far from over we're actually in making any and just north of Pacific Coast Highway where the -- -- -- you can see just how much this fire has burned out now. We actually moved a waste from the ridge UCF flare up -- just beyond that -- there was just a -- flames and we're actually moved out because it was a bit dangerous to be there this fire is -- up this canyon to clear -- pocket of homes are actually and fire crews are really trying to save those homes they're dousing the brush with water there also dousing the homes with water making search. They don't go up in flames out this fire is being fought. Some ground and front air really concentrated in this area -- -- -- Of those homes because of that pocket of homes we're on a road called deer creek hollow road. A lot of folks -- Actually this entire community and evacuated from this area and you can see fire crews here on the ground they actually have hand crews going in trying to stop these hot spots because this canyon. Has a lot of brush right now a lot of bone dry brush. That this fire is just eat away -- -- just -- for -- -- which is making it very typical for fire crews to get ahead and -- now also we -- -- and the weather that's plain fact that we have low humidity right -- and also some wins the winds up considerably died down but because -- we do -- winning -- fact that comes through this kind of swirling -- -- create sort of a fire storm really that makes it very dangerous for crews and also makes the fire behavior very erratic and very unpredictable. So of course there's a lot of obstacles we're dealing -- here. Lot of obstacles that fire crews are having to get around also the -- some of I'm not it not passable because. Rocks have been falling off the clips and blocking some of the roads -- got wildlife here a lot of deer. A lot of -- is that are just trying to escape this fire this fire has moved so quickly but it's actually over taped an a lot of the wildlife which is very sad they haven't been able to move out of here they haven't been able to run fast enough to get away from these flames now again -- we are very close to the associate. Crews are believing that -- they -- this fire is going to burn. Two coast which is the best. This scenario possible that'll stop it you can see what they're dealing with these massive flare -- that happen at a moment's notice on and fire crews so I'm just have to stand back and -- make certain that it's just burning a waste from the homes because either so many of these hot -- so many of these -- -- -- very typical. For crews to kind of put put him down at times on we have crews spread all around this -- this is a Santa Monica Mountains and their several canyons here and again like I said a lot of dry -- a lot of issues that -- fire crews are having to deal with -- Crews really would kind of bolstering their app their efforts right now hoping. That the weather changes to warn them. And the wind keeps dying down because of course like I said this fire fight is far from over for these crews back to you guys. All right Kate ABC's -- develops on the ground in Camarillo California thank you for that we're joined now by AccuWeather has the Atlanta jazz -- the -- thanks for joining us can you tell us. What is driving this fire how is it moving so fast. Well they're definitely a cup. -- things going on here but -- would -- the biggest issue has definitely been. And -- drying -- there are numerous fires burning across California of course most notably right now this brings fire about 101000 acres already burned. And the fire only about 10%. -- right -- -- very very dry because let's keep in mind California picks up and most of its rain most of its seasonal rain in the winter months let's say between November and also -- -- months of April. Places like Los Angeles San Francisco even San Diego have only picked up anywhere from fifty to 60% of their seasonal average so very very dry and also the winds. Have definitely not been helping it's been very very best deal but the good news is the winds have peaked and they will continue to subside after tonight and also into the course of tomorrow yeah. Definitely didn't tell I'm sorry -- -- -- -- not from California can you explain the significance of those Santa Ana winds. Well it's definitely has a lot to do with it of course the direction of the -- has a lot to do within witch -- direction the fire will spread -- that certainly not helping. The dry -- of course not helping but again the good news -- conditions will become less favorable in terms of the -- not so much in terms of the -- because -- really don't have any additional significant precipitation in store for California but the good news is the winds will start to subside and that can at least help a little bit as we head into the weekend so there is some relief -- KCB Atlanta. Yes there certainly with the winds again those little luster to diminish -- tonight and into the course of the weekend but the dry weather is definitely here to stay again a lot of these places have only picked up about half of their seasonal rain totals but one another good thing that we have in store is -- temperatures will be coming down it was very very hot. Actually for the last couple of days today. The heat -- a lot of 8980 degree temperature readings that we got -- -- here that's going to be moving into northern California and that's -- trigger a wind shift because right now we have going on high pressure a sort of taking all of the desert air and -- -- -- to that's why it's been so it was so warm. But the -- as we head into the weekend will finally start to coming out of the Pacific so that'll allow for not only cooler temperatures. But that will also allow for some Pacific air to advance into these areas -- definitely need those relative humidity should come up. That's good news for -- -- -- -- tell us about those northern fires we're not hearing as much about -- obviously not as dramatic but are those. How those doing. And -- fire I would say is these seconds -- -- -- -- comparison to these springs fire I believe about 6000 acres burned there also having a hard time containing those but again the thing is there are numerous fires because -- of California as a whole. It's -- but again and this quicker that we can get these winds to diminish the -- quicker conditions will be in our favor. All right AccuWeather has the -- -- thank you so much and for all the latest on the springs fire in Southern California watch for updates on I'm Tanya Rivero in New York -- gonna take you back now to our regular program. And this has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"id":19103434,"title":"ABC Digital Report: Massive Southern California Wildfire Grows ","duration":"3:00","description":"Biggest blaze now 15 square miles; residents await evacuation as fire reaches Malibu.","url":"/US/video/abc-digital-report-massive-southern-california-wildfire-grows-19103434","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}