Bridge in Kentucky a symbol of infrastructure standoff

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports from Covington, Kentucky, where the Brent Spence Bridge is in need of replacement, as Washington battles over the scope of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan.
5:39 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Bridge in Kentucky a symbol of infrastructure standoff
Presidents metre portion Washington right now is on his two trillion dollar jobs plan focused on infrastructure president Bible saying yesterday that while he's open to negotiations. In action. Is not an option. And ancient Taki one bridge badly in need of replacement is a symbol of the rules for that investment and the political challenges to making it happen. Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce travel there and has this report on the battle over infrastructure. With his two trillion dollar infrastructure plan facing resistance on Capitol Hill the president pushing back against his critics who say his plan is far too sweeping. But to automatically say that the only thing its infrastructure is a highway or bridge. We're never address just not rational. Who really uses. The president is calling for 100 billion dollars to expand broadband Internet to 100% of the country. 45 billion dollars to replace every led pipe in the country. And 115. Billion dollars to fix 20000 miles of roads. And over 101000 bridges badly in need of repair bridges like the Scudder falls bridge in Pennsylvania and account issue river bridge in Louisiana. And the aging Brent Spence bridge over the Ohio River between Covington Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio. Over fifty years old it's crucial to commerce across this country but is in desperate need of an upgrade. So we are now one of the more than a 160000. Vehicles across this bridge every single day the thing is it's only designed to handle. Not amount. This bridge is a huge problem and it's a national problem. Brent Cooper is the president and CEO of the northern Kentucky chamber of commerce we've gone through multiple presidents multiple governors on both parties. And they've been unable to get this done were hoping that some transportation solutions are on their way for the country we're looking a lot of traffic in a lot of delays that this doesn't get done. In the shadow of the bridge Brad slate dot helps to run a concrete business but the bridge in constant disrepair. Ends up costing everyone. Our business runs basically on time and cost. And it it cost about two dollars and minutes to run those trucks and so it if it takes twice as long. To get to a project that take that means either he. After the service war twice the amount of equipment and drivers to supply nasal bridge is actually. It is also all kinds of companies that depend on this strategy in Britain is shut down for cares or just the typical work day Wear them bridge. We're due to slowness of the bridge which is why wasn't dole for this kind of traffic. The bridge runs from Ohio to Kentucky the home state of Republican leader Mitch McConnell. He says he wants the bridge fixed to that this president Biden's approach is all wrong a. This package that they've laid out at the beginning. Child and the structure. There's a Trojan North Shore massive trucks and cruisers and a whole lot of more death. And a whole lot of spending that Q and I think would probably agree is she on related infrastructure. Critics say Biden's plan includes far more than what should be considered infrastructure spending. Including 320. Billion dollars for new housing in upgrading schools child care facilities in VA hospitals. 590 billion dollars for domestic manufacturing research and development and job training. And 400 billion dollars to expand home care services and support for care workers. To pay for his plan the president wants to increase the corporate tax rate. From 21 to 28%. And he's made clear he's willing to raise taxes on the most wealthy. Americans making more than 400000 dollars a year. We're gonna close those loopholes remain corporations. Pay their fair share. And they won't benefit too because this instruction will matter to their company. Raising taxes is a non starter for Republicans in congress. But here in Kentucky along with increasing driver user fees. Some say they accept tax increases on corporations and the wealthy you know learning and Vista on your OK with that if it means not attack happened up. Just not a matter of people understanding the importance of it. It's how to pay for it how do we get to a consensus where her Whitaker and it can agree on how to pay for things like this going forward. It says about the state of our politics if this doesn't get done with it doesn't get done. I think Washington is just completely broken. This is such an obvious need. And we're just one of a number of obvious needs throughout the country for ABC news I'm married Bruce in Covington Kentucky.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports from Covington, Kentucky, where the Brent Spence Bridge is in need of replacement, as Washington battles over the scope of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76958280","title":"Bridge in Kentucky a symbol of infrastructure standoff","url":"/US/video/bridge-kentucky-symbol-infrastructure-standoff-76958280"}