Broadway’s intermission is almost over as theaters prepare to reopen in September

The show will go on with new safety measures in place.
4:18 | 05/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Broadway’s intermission is almost over as theaters prepare to reopen in September
Intermission and is almost over a New York has announced Broadway will reopen in September out 100%. Capacity. Here's a man shut down for more than a year due to the pandemic so what are reopening look like. Broadway league president Charlotte Saint Martin joins us now for more on this at Charlotte good morning thanks so much for being here. Thank you or your wrists it's great news now I'm glad to finally have you want to talk about sending positive so what was your reaction. When you heard this announcement what does it mean for the Broadway community. Well there's just so many reactions are rumored. The fact that 97000. Workers who have been word she or fourteen months. And it will be close aging mass and we didn't get. Will lead to work doing what I love it is so exciting and or course. Will be providing that a man aged amazing that Jack. That said he will probably heaters and a lot of shows us that one I'm sure you never see him because. Every thing that slide as desperate as you along so that's very exciting New York City we'll come back to being. What it is slim Broadway is there are so there's good news all wrapped. I cannot. Wade so tell me you know what reopening will look like you know what shows will come back for which new ones will open and. Well we do know it's yet. 31. This shows that were troops or me or a bell opened and shut down on March 2 and Morris well. Are scheduled to come back. Sounds cumbersome. Where some November nephew in December we also know a few new shows that are. For example box amber colored. And young jango musical or two new shows and there are many more that happen officially announced but. I'm aware of so I think by the ended December we will more than 35 sheriff's. In performances or our citizens and our visitors. Anez seating capacity will be 100% and for anyone who's ever been to a Broadway Show you are elbow to elbow so what safety measures will be in place. Well certainly we're anticipating. That people will be wearing masks. Will be more contact and services. And progress and regress at this point. We suspect will be our. The other protocols are still being discussed with the governor. As you well know things changed on a weekly basis. And so we're working very closely with the department of health and New York State. Two finalized where those things look like as we continue to get closer to reopening. And then run a screen and a few more questions for your survey and you just a quick lightning round. And you just tell us the first answer that comes to mind so let's first show you want to see when Bradley reopens. Well hello my children. That gentleman is our longest learning Cheryl so I want to be there to celebrate with them. We've heard some murmurs so is tiger king the musical happening. Haven't heard. Could arrested two even kick talk musical make a comeback on Broadway. Well there's certainly discussions about it's certain it's not finalized this or. But it had certain success. Tells me is possible. Nara and we like when things are possible and what's your Broadway song and this summer wedding aisle listened to on repeat as you can down to reopening. Well where is my favorite show of all kinds it's our own music borrowing Lee. So certainly listening to that I'm listening. Two. In the heights to. Hamels are too comfortable way there's so many great scores that just letting our hearts and. There sure are and really look forward to seeing them live on stage once again brought any president Charlotte Saint Martin thanks so much for your time today good luck. Earlier leg I should say it can absolutely. Thank you again.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The show will go on with new safety measures in place.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77533131","title":"Broadway’s intermission is almost over as theaters prepare to reopen in September","url":"/US/video/broadways-intermission-theaters-prepare-reopen-september-77533131"}