Exclusive interview with Jussie Smollett on alleged attack

"Empire" star breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts.
16:35 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Exclusive interview with Jussie Smollett on alleged attack
I'm Robin Roberts in New York musician and actor Jesse small let sat down with me for his first interview since that night in Chicago smaller told me how he's doing now. And respond to those who doubt his account. I'm pissed off. What. Is it that has you so. Angry assisted. The attackers using Packers but it's also. The attacks. It's like you know at first there was a thing of like prison if I tell the truth. The N. Precedent because its troops. Kennedy campaign apply. O. How can you doubt that I how do you how do you not believe that it's truth. And then it became a thing of Michael. It's not necessarily that you don't believe that this is the truth you don't even want to see. The truth what happened that night Jesse when our. I landed in Chicago and freak accident was like my uncle and he's also my creative director and he picked me up and then we got back to the apartment. There was no food and so I went out to Walgreens thinking that they were 24 hours going to have a smoke can. Walgreens was closed. So called him up in a salmon runs the subway which was across the street come and get a Saturday morning thing I went to the subway. And got the order during that time protects and my manager thinking he was still in Australia he was on an Australian tour with one of his other clients. I say he'll call me when you can he called me immediately and while he was on the phone Ari. I heard. As I was crossing the intersection are hurt empire. I know it's okay empire. And Amy empire there. And I didn't answer I kept walking and admired. Empire in the side turned around and I say it did Jesus say to me on and I see. He attack her. Masks. And he saved this maggot country. Punches me right in the face up pasta that's back and then we started tussling knows very icy. And we ended up tussling by the stairs. Fighting fighting fighting there was a second person involved who was kicking me in my back. And can to stop. And they ran off. And I saw with Iran and the phone was in my pocket but it fallen out no sitting there and my manager was a wonderful. So I picked up the phone and I say Brandon and he's like scorn on passive I was just jumped. And I then I looked down and I see that there's a rope around my neck. Which hadn't. I hadn't noticed it before and says it was so fast you know until it was so fat how long did this all. If nothing like minutes but it probably was like thirty seconds honestly I can't tell you honestly. I noticed the rope around my neck and I start screaming. And I say there's a rope around my neck did you get it any kind of description of the attack I gave a body description and I you know because I saw this. That and you know right here whatever but I didn't see I can't tell you what color their eyes where I can tell you and I did not see. Anything except the second person costs are running away and the first person Piaf Sar. Scientists factors I'd. Gave the description as best as I could you have to understand also that its Chicago. In winter. People who can Wear. Ski masks and nobody's got a question there. The police have gone through a lot of video and they were able to capture and image. Two people of interest have you seen that image men. Do you believe that they could possibly be the attackers and do what is that about their decides who what why do you feel that they could possibly pay cut. Because I was there. For me when that was released I was like okay we're getting somewhere I don't have any. Doubt in my mind. That. That's very. Never did and why did you hesitate to what it called the police you know. There's a level of pride there we live in a society where. As a gay man you considered somehow to be weak and not week. I'm not weak. And we are as a people we're not weak. So that I can accept that there was cry there there's also privacy. You know at the end of the day. Look what has happened. You know look what has happened so. I don't. I'm glad to Frey called police. I'm glad that we reported it. During that time before they came took them about maybe half hour come. And during Nektar I was looking at myself just like checking myself I saw the bruise on my neck. You know like him who. The rope heard around my neck. And they asked but I smelled bleach from those of bleach. And I saw on my sweatshirt cat marks aren't like stocks point when you have a bad bleach job. So. There's like there's bleach or me to so when the police came. I kept the clothes on. I kept. The rope. It's only had a rope on the entire time isn't Michael wrapped around but yeah it was around because I'm when it didn't see. I wanted them to see what this was I told them what happened everything. I also accident turnabout came into office he was trying to stay in the hallway smells like he's just come in like I don't wanna be seen with my neighbors and with like the second round of police officers. I went down to where it happened I walked them through exactly what happened. And I looked out that I saw that there was a camera. Directly on the light post that is in the intersection. So I'm like there it needs. A potential break in the case that would eventually fall apart days later and then the detective told that the camera inside of the casing was facing north. So they didn't happen. And that was disappointing the vast majority of people. Have been supportive. And loving and understanding. And Dennis time has gone on ended. That there's no. You know it's 2 o'clock in the morning you're going to subway. Sub zero is open 24 hours by people killed when they say things like that because it's like subway is open 24 hours for reason. So that when you hungry at night and UA got no food you go to subway. That the camera it may be facing north how's that might issue it feels like. I had saved. It was almost. Or Mexican. Someone black. I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more a lot more. And that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now the fact that we have east earmarks. These people that are. Trying to separate us. And it's just not okay this is not okay for all of the people that next time that you see someone. Report something may be well after the fact that it happened. And you say to them. While you wait until now. Just remember that line was reported right away. And look what has happened the forward. And when did you. Because as you said it was at the Packard account and the timeline. Valuable information. When did you make that information available to. The police leak case we had to get the phone records. Which in originally asked for my phone records they asked for my phone. Good morning to give my phone to the tech for three to four hours I'm sorry. But it. I'm I don't do that. Quiet because I have private pictures and videos and numbers. My partners under my family's number. My cast mates from my friends numbers my private emails my private solves my private voice memos. I don't know what that's going to be to hand over my phone. Four. And honestly by the end in actually made false statements had already been put out there. Earlier this week he submitted phone records from within an hour of the incident. But Chicago police said they were limited and heavily redacted adding they need additional information to cooperate the investigative timeline. His attorneys tell us they are willing to cooperate. Stole it also says he has been troubled by inaccurate claims what other ones had you heard. February inaccurate that I had to say that they were wearing matter hats are members I didn't need to add anything like that. They called me and they called me. There's no which way you cut it I don't need some. Mac I have as a cherry on top of some races Sunday I've heard that. It was a which are still resents. That narrative and I'm not gonna go out get a taste and was at a satellite. To meet somebody. That's ridiculous. And it's offensive. Yes there's great yes there's Jack yes there's all these things which are having I've been all morning years are gonna admit that councilwoman about have been dating I was single. You're out of sand but. I had have been on that in years but aside from that it's. Offensive. And I absolutely resentment. That narrative because bowl. Its pool and it's unfair it's unfair to the investigation. It's unfair to. I hate this word but it's unfair to the victim but we're your injuries what went on they did X rays. I didn't have it was reported that I had like fractured. Rigs or cracked ribs or something like that that wasn't true. I was just and a lot of pain you know my article was messed up my rig was was bruised but I wasn't nothing was cracked. I walked into the hospital I walked out of the hospital. What do you think you were targeted. I can just assumed. I mean I can't boom Healy who really be harder. Against. Forty. I come really really hard against his administration. And I don't call my tongue. I think that's horrible. It doesn't get worse as far as I'm concerned were you aware that he made that statement I sort I don't know conceded that. You know. You know I appreciate him not. Rushing over it and there is no doubt in your mind what motivated this attack I can only go off of their words. I mean. Who. Says and I. This smacked a country. Ty is a noose around your neck and pours bleach org you. And this is just a friendly fight I will never be the man that this did not. I am forever changed. And I don't subscribe to the idea that everything happens for a reason but had to subscribe to the idea that we have the right and responsibility. To make something meaningful. Out of the thing to happen to us good and bad. What do you feel people need to hear the most from the story. I think that what people need to hear this is the truth. It's just the truth 'cause. Everybody has their own idea some are. Healing and some hurtful. But I just want. Young people. Young members of LG BTQ community. Young black children. To know how strong that they are to know the power that they hold in their little pinky. It's been two weeks since that night left actor Jesse small left bruised but not broken. And he still processing the raw emotions. Could you haven't been threatened before cash. I get threatened all the time on Twitter and just agreement DM some things like that it's like put you know. I'm a public figures. And as a very outspoken. There some tires may be too outspoken. But it's who I am. You know so. I get the idea of pissing people off that you go rub people the wrong way. In fact the week before the attack police confirm a letter was sent to the fox studio in Chicago with threatening language and lease would powdery substance. Likely Tylenol do you think there's a link. Between the letter. And the attack. And you didn't mention it to the police right away the letter absolutely. Just because on the letter it had. A stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun pointing towards it with the words that say it's not let Jesse you will die black. There was no address book the return address city and be greeted you know like caps. And baca. Did I make that up to. And despite lack of video surveillance footage small it hopes to rewrite the narrative about that night. Saying he fought back against his attackers and reported the incident after his creative director called 911. You can't pay well not requesting. They are part of its us please have a different aspect. I want that video found so happy because. We're probably for reasons. Number one I want them finding people who didn't. Number two I want them to stop being able to save alleged attack number three I want them to see I fought back. And I won a little gay boy who might watch sticks to see past the Iraq. And it does not take anything away from people that are not able to do back. But I fought back they ran off I didn't what do you say to a young gay man a young gay person to learn to fight. And I will just me like learning to fight. I mean. Learn to fight. Learn to be a fighter I am not advocating violence. At ball so let's be clear about that if you're gonna die. Fight until you do. Because if you don't fight you have no chance I have fought for love I'm an advocate. I respect too much for people. Who I am now one of those people who have been attacked in anyway. You do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. If the attackers are never found. How will you be able to heal. The home. I know let's just hope that they are. You insane like let's not okay. It's up. Talking to a friend that it had practice with and find the fish head sweeping America. Students hoping agree because. Some Scobee left here with this. You don't say back up Scobee left here. We've. We'd like. So that they get to go free. And go about their life and possibly attack someone else. And I'm here to left with a left with the aftermath of the school oak. It's not accorded me. That's not OK so. I I understand how difficult it will be. To find them. But we got it I still want to believe. With everything that's happened that there's something called justice. The bus stop believing back. There was four. Contesting thinking thank you.

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{"duration":"16:35","description":"\"Empire\" star breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61075528","title":"Exclusive interview with Jussie Smollett on alleged attack","url":"/US/video/exclusive-interview-jussie-smollett-alleged-attack-61075528"}