FEMA administrator one-on-one

FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor discusses his agency's response to historic flooding across the nation's heartland.
3:03 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for FEMA administrator one-on-one
Short time ago I caught up with acting FEMA administrator. Peter gain or to tell us about. His agency's response to these historic floods. I want to start by asking you about this devastating flooding there were seen in the central and south parts of the country you just got an up close look at that damage you're an Oklahoma. With vice president pants touring. Some of the destruction there how does that compare to what you've seen before. It. So yes we well what though the vice president and the acting searching for DHS ball McAleese to view some flooding. In west Tulsa. Just for context we've had a pretty robust spring when it comes to flooding. We have flooding always all the way from the Canadian buoyed the Mexico border is far west as Kentucky. OR Kansas and Far East says Kentucky. To include flooding in California and Vermont we've had a pretty. Active flooding season and it's still good law for the next month or so. And we just heard here on the show from a Missouri farmer who is struggling to get. Some aid get some support in recovering from this storm. Are you confident that FEMA has adequately resource to respond what's your advice to folks were affected but a funny. Well first of all I think if you directly affected by flooding you need to register for femur assistants we have a 1800 number so it's 1800. 621. FEMA kinda have to be registered to get assistance and haven't done that please do that you can do it. Online you can do on your phony intuitive person. In your local community. But in order be eligible and BC got assistance you. Perceptive register. And of course you are not just keeping an eye on those floods in the middle part of the country but its hurricane season officially began. This week as you know the forecast is for about a dozen named storms this season what keeps you off at night. As we head into this hurricane window. So so first of all. The forecast I think for the season was an average forecast but we like to believe that it only takes one hurricane. To ruin your day something that no matter here in plotter or New York. Not one hurricane is the one that though we wanna be ready for. And I think it. What we worry about every day and as local cumbersome in earnest Emerson Angela most of the things that I. Did is that trotting coasted to be prepared. Not only for hurricanes put any hazards that you may face and you are specific location. So again now is the time to take action if you are in Florida or up the Atlantic coast for hurricane season. And I've really does do one thing today. You could download the team app for. For example but take action now because. When the hurricane shows up in the Atlantic in the clocks that's taken. You procrastinate. And you take no action and it impacts you and you feel me directly you wish you had taken. Action today. Thanks again to acting administrator Peter gain or into our producer Matthew van.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor discusses his agency's response to historic flooding across the nation's heartland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63513735","title":"FEMA administrator one-on-one","url":"/US/video/fema-administrator-63513735"}