Large Smoke Plume Seen After 2-Alarm Fire at NYC Hospital

Smoke plume could be seen over Manhattan skyline.
1:58 | 12/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Large Smoke Plume Seen After 2-Alarm Fire at NYC Hospital
Give back to the breaking news we've been following a fire breaking out and and why you blamed on medical center on the east side of the eyewitnesses report seeing that Penn's. Just arrived on the scene and he's got the very latest for state. Are we got here just a couple of minutes ago when there's a lot of fire and police activity right now right behind Michigan seek. This is the NYU land owned medical center the fire and question here not win this building specifically but with a smaller building attached I believe it's on the north east side of this building its understanding of their some roofing materials. On the fifth floor of that smaller building. It's under construction. They're caught on fire and caused a huge amount of smoke billowing from this area it was about probably 4550 minutes ago we could see the worst of it. At that time we were over Thompson square park working on a different story we got over on to the FDR and you could he really just a huge amount of smoke billowing from this area. It's our understanding that there are no injuries because of this fire. But as a path for safekeeping what's happened this. Hospital officials here again while you land don't they have moved some of the patients from this building in question to a safer part of the building but again this is a smaller building we believe on the northeast side of the building it was on the fifth floor some roofing materials. Caught on fire and calls all that smoke that we saw. Earlier this afternoon but again it's art or sitting right now no injuries right behind me this is first avenue you can see. Traffic behind me is pretty bad we were stopped on 23 street and so we. Posted up here walked up here from 43 street because traffic is so bad for a while they were blocking up but then they began allowing. Cars on the side streets to get back on to first avenue. As this fire was being brought under control so that's the situation here on first avenue right behind me get your in this area you might want to avoid. Right around NYU. I know medical center about a situation we're in drought right now. We will keep her posted. For now we'll have on the decided on channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":44193064,"title":"Large Smoke Plume Seen After 2-Alarm Fire at NYC Hospital ","duration":"1:58","description":"Smoke plume could be seen over Manhattan skyline. ","url":"/US/video/large-smoke-plume-alarm-fire-nyc-hospital-44193064","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}