MLB now recognizes the Negro League Baseball players’ statistics

The change means some long-standing baseball records have changed hands.
6:49 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for MLB now recognizes the Negro League Baseball players’ statistics
Spring training starts this weekend N. And players looking to breaks in the baseball's biggest records may now have a higher hill to climb Major League Baseball. Has at long last recognized statistics from the players. Who played in the negro leaks meaning some longstanding records have changed hands so let's bring in ESPN baseball analyst and former Major League outfielder Doug Glanville did. Stand with my cup raised. Among could James onset our political director baseball junkie and student of the game reclined for more and Doug. Welcome let me ask you first note what what does this move recognizing. The achievement since it in statistics of the great ball players in the negro leagues what does that mean to the game and anti U as a a black man who played Major League Baseball. It's an effort to really connect the dots you know when you you're trying to capture a history. But had so many stories of perseverance so many stories. Really legendary performers. I didn't have the opportunity due to race into the dynamics of race in America to time so they're trying to go back. And make some reconciliation and an end in doing that they can connect the dots to the stories. And I were also lost a not so talking about figures that were pioneers and their part of an entrepreneurial spirit. What's also suffered when Major League Baseball. I was able to capture the greater tolerance Jackie Robinson coming through that was virtually the end or pretty much the end of Negro League Baseball so that's an effort. Wouldn't a game that is an impassioned they loved the sense of numbers. And the collections. And this is a way to tie it all together. As our worst heads baseball fans and it does bring us closer to those achievements in the negro leagues so Rick. Records do you think we might see broken due to this change. Which this reconciliation around baseball's history in baseball statistics Hugh Duffy get a ridiculous for forty NET 94 even Glanville who was a heck of a good college flattery and he didn't get that in college. No one comes close to that bought. It turns out depending on how you count the statistics not present our 38. Are finding a season where Josh Gibson hit get this 466. In 1943. The other thing that's interesting about that is making 43 of course is two years after 1941. Which is when Ted Williams very famously hit. 406 so this would make it a Josh Gibson the holder of the most recent 400 season the highest batting average for season and in addition to that potentially the highest batting average. In a career those are astounding ridiculous in seen numbers for anybody. And the legendary Josh Gibson Gibson getting some recognition statistically that's our friends and 538. Crunch a lot of numbers it an algorithm to compare the stats and players from the negro leagues with hall of famers and current president can clarity compared each player's. How wins above replacement that law are which measures a players value in the game by determining how many more wins he's worse than a replacement players Doug. What you think in the in the analysis 538 didn't what stood out an anti. What I appreciate about Warren is that it's an effort to capture who wins and valued scenario is distributed historically to a picture ran a twenty game winner arch and surprise we've looked at the position players. It's create a nice discussion. Across our industry can say here's a great player withdrew its kind of warm during their tenure career he and we can look at how they wore relative to their years at that time and that's -- because baseball loves the discussions around our isn't saying who was great in the twenties and can you compare Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds and saw watched so it's allow that conversation now operates in with the Negro League players now one interesting question would be with the Negro League players would you be able to compare them to their. Current players of their time and that's what sort of different because this looks at card players today but often would warrior looking at the Arab by which you later in which you play. Greg when you look at two comparisons which there are a lot of red dots as we just saw us and representing. Nearly Blair's mingling with the hall of famers so could we see more of these players inducted into Cooperstown because of the work. It's being done assessing their statistics this way. There are some names that are starting to come out we ask our friends and are pretty to look at this and they found names like Adobe war not a mean that I knew would. I have ten plus war first season that's got to that'll get you in the hall no question. A couple of pitchers William Dell and deal Byrd who. It looks like they are they with the Greg Maddux in one hour shell of their days so I'd love to learn more about those gentlemen and many many more and I think. I think the whole team in baseball historians will have a lot of Klein trying to track down all of the stats all the stories all of the legends. And Indian trying to you can connect some of those threads to where they belong which is Cooperstown. And you know Doug I'm all them to remember some of the players who went into the major source Henry Aaron was one but also Ernie Banks might favorite player as a kid and so as we got a little deeper into some of these Negro League players. What do you think if people don't know about who should everyone know about you thing. Well you figure roster Charleston I mean there's there's there's a few names that we don't Satchel Paige Josh Gibson sort of the legends but there are so many good players that were reversal tolerant Charleston just kind of did at all shortly on the offensive side speed. And power and hitting for average. Just an incredible he played the most significant amount of time I think the hall of fame it's gonna have an interesting challenge because there in crisis somewhat because you're also looking at TDs in the drug culture which is really changed the records and now you're bringing in a whole generation in the Iraq from the Negro League should try to figure out how would come together so that's a tall order but -- let's agree and the necessity exercise. As we released think about the context of these great. Owners absolutely if you love baseball you've gotta love this my favorite Satchel Paige stat is that the age of 59. In 1965. Interest three innings. Shut out baseball at the Major League level Tom Brady Jakarta. Doug Glanville Rick Klein. Thanks very much from this. Q thank you. What a great story there bring in the history of baseball so. Like about history and our country in some ways together in this way they'll start arguments which is what baseball is all about it. Didn't let away cash to put it it's glad glad that those players will finally get. The recognition they have so long desert and glad you're teaching us a little bit about baseball in general here Terry a lot of us. We're confused over those numbers are learning it in thanks. As good as fun and I'm I'm I'm now part of baseball instruments up just as a stand for that long hour right they go.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"The change means some long-standing baseball records have changed hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76120344","title":"MLB now recognizes the Negro League Baseball players’ statistics","url":"/US/video/mlb-now-recognizes-negro-league-baseball-players-statistics-76120344"}