Movers Allegedly Steal All of Homeowners' Belongings

The Georgia family says they hired the movers off of Craigslist.
1:22 | 05/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movers Allegedly Steal All of Homeowners' Belongings
Class at this time. The homeowner asked us not to short phase three is her name but you wanted to get her story out in this video to. This is security camera video of the movers she hired a halt all their possessions to their new home. The minutes after they drove away last Friday the movers vanished but all our belongings. When police recovered the U haul truck and Atlanta a day later he was empty and it turns out deputies say the truck itself had been stolen before they ever drove up to the. House I mean we've been we live in his house found the teen years we built a life here. Memories we have items that are irreplaceable. That's on that. Two things like that box when the movers is hauling out to the truck in this video that box have precious items and things that could not be replaced. She prayed that if nothing else she could get that box back if I don't get local bank Al one at box. Because you have. All of our solar outbursts are typical thing. And Def records from my mom and my son. And a lot of personal items in a person's less than their their surprise two days after their stuff vanished. They got a call from Cobb police they found that one particular box dumped in a neighborhood and almost everything precious to them was still inside of. Of course I had my I can't within that box in the few phones that was gone. But all of those that birth certificates in all the red Chris and I really need it we're in that box in the tech including my title. Think.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"The Georgia family says they hired the movers off of Craigslist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"38880505","title":"Movers Allegedly Steal All of Homeowners' Belongings","url":"/US/video/movers-allegedly-steal-homeowners-belongings-38880505"}