NTSB investigators searching for black boxes in plane carrying Amazon cargo

The NTSB continues to search for the black boxes of the downed Amazon cargo plane after it crashed into a bay outside Houston, Texas.
4:51 | 02/25/19

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Transcript for NTSB investigators searching for black boxes in plane carrying Amazon cargo
Mean all the NTSB is now frantically searching for the black boxes after an Amazon cargo plane crashed in Texas. Killing all three people on board our senior transportation correspondent David Curley. Is there at the say David why are these black boxes so hard to find. Because the big question we do not have an answer to is a wide is plain. Fell out of the sky early Saturday afternoon here outside of Houston it was only about 6000 feet. Above the surface when it fell out of the sky there is five seconds of video captured by. A security camera at a jail nearby ended his nose down and hits into the marshes. Which you can kind of see you consider staging area where they're working. Beyond those reads as the marsh area where this crash site is and because they know that it was nose down from 6000 feet no mayday call. Lots of questions as to why that happened and a black boxes will answer the question. Here's the problem that's very shallow water I flew out there yesterday in our station KTR case helicopter. And got a chance to look at the debris field so it's very compact which reinforces the fact that this was a steep dive. In to this day is called trinity bay here. Outside a Houston and you can see the pieces of the aircraft on the ground. Because there is a much water out there that seems to be the good news its in shallow water if there's any water I was out at the time. The bad news is this is a march it's much. And those black boxes the in casings that hold. But in case Vincent hold the actual electronics and the cards are very heavy so they can sink in the mud if you put layers of mud. Excuse me above the fingers a transmitters. So you can locate them it's difficult for those transmitters to transmit through the mud. Harder to hear them so the real question for the NTSB is they will scan that area listening for the singer's transmitting if they don't hear it. That they're gonna put people out there and waiters or scuba divers that there is water and go through him by hand trying to find it if they don't. Then they will dredge the area upon the black boxes that's how critical they are to answer this question and why do we want to know about this. It is a Boeing 767 that is a wide body. Big aircraft been in use for a long time Diana I would bet a lot of money that you've flown one I've flown one this is an aircraft that we use quite a bit. There is no reason that that aircraft considering. What was going on at the time not much whether nothing else no mayday call why would a Boeing 767 crash here on Saturday that's the question we gotta get there. And David without these black boxes do they have any idea what the answer might be. Dave is there are. They are very good investigators at the NTSB and I did ask the chairman that specifically if you don't get these black boxes. Can you figure out what happened here and he said you know he's been on cases before where black boxes haven't been discovered. And they have been able to assault it. This one's really going to be difficult it's it's. He you know they'll be looking at everything there a look at whether the look at maintenance a look at the engines a look at the flight crew they're looking at everything and I should mention there were three on board. And we have found out that the third person on board. Was with another airline mesa airline is that we just taking a ride to get here to Houston. We have not gotten the idea of the two atlas air crew members. Who were onboard that aircraft so far and we do know that two bodies have been recovered. We haven't been told who they are and whether the third body it says that should be still looking for at this point. And David and a U flew above the crash site itself does anything about it stick out to you is that is that mud. The biggest focus right now. Two things kind of struck me one was that compact. Debris field it's only about a football wide. And to put two football fields long one football field wide and you can see odds higher. From the landing gear upside there you can see some of the logos from Amazon. That are on pieces of the fuselage but what is striking is. How much this aircraft broke apart it was going at around very high speed. When it hit. Does that. Marsh area behind me in fact the NTSB chairman told me he looked at the video only five seconds of it but he says you could see it in its nose dive. And then it hits the group the ground water the marsh what are your McAuliffe and debris starts flying out he's he it's very dramatic he said. And and what he thought about at the time was the loss of life in that instance when the aircraft hit the ground but it is. Because that compact and ended in the videos only confirm this. Why did this plane nose dive out of them. Out of this guy from just 6000 feet which is number harper jetliner. All right David Curley for us we appreciate David thank you.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The NTSB continues to search for the black boxes of the downed Amazon cargo plane after it crashed into a bay outside Houston, Texas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61302050","title":"NTSB investigators searching for black boxes in plane carrying Amazon cargo ","url":"/US/video/ntsb-investigators-searching-black-boxes-plane-carrying-amazon-61302050"}