The Rundown: Top headlines today: July 6, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:15 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: July 6, 2020
From. Thousands headed to beaches across the country to celebrate July 4. In diamond Lake Michigan and hundreds party without these coverings or social distancing within 26%. Positive infection rate of Miami days now closing restaurants and Janice came as officials encourage young people to be vigilant PH it has the most cases in the state of Florida nice to these 2137. States are seeing an increase in cases and Arizona becoming the eighth to surpassed 100000 cases really -- music 89% capacity in Houston Texas one hospital reports the icu capacity and it that in 98%. This as the country's former epicenter of the New York City makes progress in reopening the governor warning people to avoid another Stearns. New York City doesn't it Hastert today doesn't mean go our. And have a party. It was a violent fourth of July weekend for several cities in New York City and forty people were shot on Sunday alone ten of them die from Chicago was the epicenter of violence this weekend. 87 people shot just. Seventeen of those Siegelman including seven year old Natalie Wallace. You hit isn't only known as an everyday. Event and is now being killed so I begin every day. What do you all think about ANSYS. She was playing on a sidewalk during the Stanley fourth of July to harness and Atlanta eight year old so Korea turner was killed while riding with her mom and a family friend enough is enough. Total enough is enough and in southeast Washington DC eleven year old Levon McNeill shot and killed him. Amy Cooper of the white woman from New York who called police and falsely accused a black man a threatening her life is facing charges of false reporting it's an opinion it. Please please cook. Please call yeah. Yeah. Man threatened by please tell you would have been like. Cooper made the call to police after the man's shoulder to put her daughter deletion in the regular dog an area of New York's Central Park releases are required Cooper is charged with filing a false report a misdemeanor she could face up to eight. Amid the flak lives matter middle and an apology from Prince Harry and encouraging the UK and are reckoned with its colonial past and the wrongs that were brought to those countries. It comes cheese and institutions and criticism these and studies and her because someone somewhere it's it's. From we can't. Do not important all the fireworks imports education teacher I see a little differently. Perry and his wife Megan marbles evocative virtual session of the queen's commonwealth trust me. The commonwealth has made about 54 nations all formerly under Britain's rule in sulphur passion and he's acknowledging whatever. Mistakes we all need grace and look at the common well also to look on the more my whole each individually. Music hall of Famer Charlie Daniels has died he's best known for its 1979. Hit. This devil went down in Georgia and yeah. You know I don't. Daniels died in a Tennessee hospital after suffering a stroke he was 83.

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