Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to mourners at the Supreme Court about how they will remember Justice Ginsburg.
4:31 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy
Taking a live look now and to the Supreme Court after interview with vice president pence we took a trip. Up the street to the Supreme Court where people have been lining up to pay their respects to justice Ginsburg all week long we've been hearing how she inspired so many and was. Viewed by the masses as even more than a supreme court judge should. Ruth Bader Ginsburg the second woman who pointed to the Supreme Court and on the plane signs powerhouse standing up for human rights. Fighting for civil justice and leaving a lasting impact on the judicial system. But perhaps her biggest impact marine beyond tomorrow's future leaders in Asia shine there are huge fabrics me. You today's season. Judge events and aspirations. Moon and their own amazement. Renditions really insert and Molly eating better for me. In the press and wind President Clinton and how it's. Cleaner acts. Corner CEO. Me it's actually possible hurt your clients are women yeah. I think she'll always be remembered as someone with great conviction. Who work for opportunities for all she was a real life superhero. Her legacy transcends generations. Mother's passing down their admiration for justice Ginsburg to their daughters. You just you. Are written in many get ready to kick a legacy but continuing to seeing them homeless and working to protect the rights RPG and place for so many. And carrying on in the Eckstein and efforts against discrimination in all forms and advocating for equal treatment under the law. Ginsburg has become the closest thing to a rock star the Supreme Court has ever seen. He is amazing. At that age eighty. So many people want to take the least you make me. Earning the moniker the notorious RBG for her dissenting opinions and becoming a feminist icon. RBG inspiring young girls to dress up as the justice in honor of their harrowing. And I. And lube he. Her parents into the game. Plan. Lasts. Claire. Cut the slammer leave lying. I hold my guess guess guess I don't have paid my balloon race. Strange time yeah and see people who do not running because he looks. I have upon actual MPs and people's lives. Moment like for in Bosnia like she'd gotten mood they're going to north where you still haven't always remember. The Supreme Court steps becoming a gathering place to pay homage to her legacy. Aryan in her daughter Julia traveled early Saturday morning to be there. I think it's a nice city is surrounded by everybody you supported. Let justice constricted and I'm saying the same ideals us and we have been so nice to see I'm. Colin the United States. Ages genders. Everything is supporting her. Justice Ginsburg was my hand. Does appear in court justice when I'm of the high school students and so she can Beaumont for me. As long as I can remember. Today mourners are making a pilgrimage of sorts to the nation's capital to see justice Ginsburg lion oppose the Supreme Court. Before she becomes the first woman to ever lie in state that the US capital police. Are all the way from New York one. Because. Her life matters. End of the issues that she's good for magic. And I think. We as women again on her shoulders. And I think many men stand on her shoulders with the. You. We just didn't Callahan. Rock on peace Allen and before we go tonight our image of the day this was the scene also outside in the Supreme Court today check in a super girl costume paying her respects to. A super woman justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Is now lying in repose at the building where she worked for so many years.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to mourners at the Supreme Court about how they will remember Justice Ginsburg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73204936","title":"Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy","url":"/US/video/ruth-bader-ginsburgs-legacy-73204936"}