First Look at Starliner Capsule

Astronaut Bob Behnken gives us a first look at the Starliner capsule.
9:33 | 09/28/16

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Lima Bob bank and I am an astronaut at the Johnson Space Center and one of four astronauts identified as the commercial crew cadre. Doug Hurley Eric both Sonny Williams and myself Bob Franken are all assigned to work with those basics and mowing the develop the next vehicles that we'll take astronauts of the International Space Station. What are we doing okay today we're rolling out a simulator that Boeing has provided its part task trainer that will allow us to simulate the CST 100. The start wondered their vehicle that's gonna rotate crewmembers to the International Space Station. All right let's get going okay what what I can do. From my seats which is kind of a new capability it that we haven't had until now for CST one utter. Are hardliners actually taking. Similar to run and actually runs through an ascent profile. So I can see and monitor the vehicle's performance to make sure that we're getting into orbit and make sure all systems are functioning and I'm not about to be faced with an emergency scenario like Villa rescue training team likes to put in there for us. And make her way to orbit safely as I monitoring the systems. In the simulator from the scene and I can take us to freeze and stop things I think you could probably hear the acoustics of the the engine firing him below us as we launched towards space station in the first stage. Why monitor the performance and bring it back into run if I needed check procedure make sure I understood what was going on I could actually do that and enough pick up where it left off. Historically if you ran a simulator like this might take an entire control room to kind of cloth and executed it's really important for us and I wanna deal was sealed on these cases and be ready when the time comes I just have the timing down perfectly and author myself quite a few times much like an app on your phone or otherwise I concerns stop at my convenience. Make sure that I understand things and and pick up where it left off. At the same time the flight control team needs to understand what's happening with the vehicle can do the same thing they can come and sit down and understand the vehicle and get themselves prepared before we go to a large group. Do a simulation and prepare for watching it space. By the time you actually fly the star liner in 2018. How many hours of training like this do you think you have done it's it's just to be hundreds isn't. That's a great question and I think it I knew the answer to right now I would. And I could probably set up my own old fashioned 1900 number and and be able to predict where the stars were gonna alignments. Think it will be hundreds of hours for space shuttle we had. Probably three quarters of our training time was focused on being prepared for ascent and entry and I would expect that for some of the crew members will have a significant training. Workload in terms of being right but I do know for sure is going to be quite a bit less than it was for the for the space shuttle. As you can see just by house on the cockpit is with a vehicle accident. Folks actually I'm not quite tall enough to make this shot work so let's go back instead of CE inside the space shuttle. He just a quick search on line you can probably find out that there were thousands and thousands of switches on board the space shuttle. We've just got handfuls witches and caught right in front of a single remember. It physically it was impossible to beat Lindsay on this issue and reach everything that I needed to be reached even on assets when it as a time critical face. Here here marks an uphill you may require. Three or crew members to be able to reach all the things that could possibly. Here telephone of one person much smaller vehicles entry via. And it blasts. Vehicles much more automated than his facial lines have been a lot of advances since the sixties and seventies and so underwent is designed. The new vehicles that we have coming forward from mowing and SpaceX sir I'm very very much automated. The crews and the positions. To take over if something isn't performing as it's expected. To make sure that the computer isn't completely control your destiny you have some capability continue to do something safe and over. But that's one huge advancements. Looking ships will not. Only fat the star liner sort of a blast of past because. It will look like an Apollo capsule but it's really not an Apollo capsule because the technology has changed and talk to me about what's going to be different invests them in the Apollo as the campus to the moon. One one of the things that is true is that physics and change. From the holidays where we are right now so the outer mold lines of the vehicles need to be about the same and make it Indus basin and make it safely back through the atmosphere so that physics is exactly the same. What is different. Is the technology from a computer perspective that can be on board the amount of things they say now can be accomplished by itself on. Network which has much more computational capability can handle for the computers that Rob Portman Apollo so he's to have to all be done in the mind of of the crew member. With some digital numbers being displayed tone in. A lot of mathematics and training that went into making them prepared to turn those things into the appropriate action packed him off the automated now computer can do a lot more of those things that's really the biggest difference is that the computer capabilities are much better. You can be landing on my hands this is fit to plan is for is to come down you'll transfer water back to come down and you talk actually talk to about. Economics is that why do you want lamb what does landing on lamb imports. Here I think it's in this case for the Boeing designed landing on and this in general is always better because the complexity of the operation post landing as it is simpler so. Some more than truck and drive up that pick up the capsule take the crew taken where they need to go. You need to shift in a lot of coordination could go find somebody in the in the open ocean so the complexities a lot simpler and the environment that the capsule goes through is a lot. Work clean lot more pristine if you actually land on my end. You don't have enough salt water to deal with you don't have to have a vehicle that used to be robust than that and it does allow the vehicle to potentially be reviews and I think that that's. That's part of DC. The cost effectiveness. Pointed doubling its trying to get to visit the of the people listen make it back to land it's a little bit harder to refurbish once it's been through that saltwater environment. You won't be you. I need cash not that you've flown shadowed U Penn Station and now we did this I mean this is almost three generations vehicles. Talking a little bit about you know one of the things that was really interesting to me when I arrived at NASA and that 2000 is how little. For thinking we can hand me and had a and and it rightly so we were focused on building the space station but we didn't have a lot of a longer term plans in terms of what the astronauts were going to do next. I'm past sixteen years later fast forward. Space shuttles retired we've got. CSC 100 this airliner we've got the dragon vehicle we've got a lioness Alaska got a lot of vehicles in the next that are are coming forward and so for me. I would say it's probably the most exciting time you know in my life time to be an astronaut we are elated on the moon when I was born and so this is. Might chance to be a part of a space program that's. Pretty exciting right now three new vehicles is more than any of us have had through the entire rest of our career. Going to different places a couple of the space station and a couple of for one further out and so that makes a big difference makes for exciting times tonight and it's really it's really awesome into the apartment. And the options are catching an asteroid. I mean Mars everyone's talking about Mars these days possibly going back to mom. If you could design dream mission what would your dream mission indeed you know among might trade mission is just to continue the explorations all those destinations you meant. Mentioned there are great one's going to the moon is a great place going to Mars is a great place. Going to retrieve an asteroid or visiting heads or or even. It's a Hubble space telescope those were great nation so. All those expiration destinations and kind of facilitating that exploration. And understanding that Europe piece of that. That that outward stepping the human race into the solar system is this something I'm just excited to be a part of itself to save it what's your dream mission and I can't do all hum. You just. Did you Huard talked to Scott Kelly who recently returned from a his one year mission even he would say he realizes that he can't do every mission that's out there and space he had a great one. But there are lots of great ones and we're all just lucky to beat here at a time when things like that are happening when artery nations and us. And we're looking at 2018 launch and this won't get US astronauts back on US don't spacecraft. How important is that to you you know thanks for thanks for admission that point that's probably the point that I should have mentioned when I said hey what's the I was my idea of a dream mission I would say that as a student that's responsible if you ask. Anybody who is there what they thought their dream that assessment would hurt a sign it would be it would be testing a new station and I get to be that. And then on top of that I get to be one of the folks it's gonna bring commercial. Space flight back to the Florida coast and will be launching Americans from American soil. As the chief of NASA's astronaut office has been quite a bit of time traveling back and forth in Kazakhstan I'd probably. Over four years did. More than a dozen trips. Somebody that I lost count and one of my goals was to make sure that is media astronauts and that made that pilgrimage to house Exxon has until we get. Crew members to space station right now that's how we get and is based. And I wanted to mall to be thankful. For the timely launch from again off the Florida coast and so. Those that time is coming up quick I think I'm going as a recording 120 team is that timeframe to be ready take as the space station and that. Dream mission to the apartment and that's right now right now. Thank you Herman's we appreciate your time and the time this year he opening of this are pestering her with us.

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