Steph Curry talks NBA Western Conference Finals

Steph Curry battles his brother Seth Curry in the NBA Western Conference Finals.
5:09 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Steph Curry talks NBA Western Conference Finals
You've moved on to the Western Conference finals and you finish your serious first and you are waiting to see if Portland was going to be Denver and they are game seven of their series. What was it like watching that game watching your younger brother knowing he could be coming to meet you in these western efforts whose love month. So we want Odyssey from the freedom for Sunday to go to dinner. Women dead and washed from brother play and some sitting in the day a no watched on TV me in my whole family. Obviously room for blazers and move for them you know advance and have occurred very bad on Western Conference finals and the he came to be so there for a special moment Isner wreck I get there is watching him play regardless saying the matter until there who is planned in that we have. Aiming at MTV reality every time he shouted at its own seated tests like I was on the part of the the for the faithful shall remove it. When it was. Those who no minimum I'll come right after the game will face some and when they're in the back. Same scene on Tuesday's those who. And your parents were trying to figure out. Now they both kids playing each other you're the first Brothers by the way to play each other this late in the playoffs with the stakes this high so that's pretty cool news drew your parents are trying to figure out. Hot and we roof and these kids whose teams here do we Wear that kind of thing. And they decided to flip according that your sister then captured on video. Of which pairing it was gonna Wear which teams clothing what do you think. That they had so much and there energy side in the house will play out and that they had a game plan coming into the cities as. Did you wanna go both for the home team in the rain known Switzerland wounded in the seriousness of for the and so. So the core and then they both got and got to have to have jerseys designer they are just you know to invest in removing this. That I Osama alas I got so confused is normally look of it. Mushrooms six Illinois and up there my parents and a sister. With some good happens. I may get shot back were another court Massimo mum my normal standout Eric Clapton. The Aussie is like street Portland across is there isn't room for them this I'm just confused like really surreal type moment. A sudden I yell at us on tour and then went. You say that who you it. Fluid and when I am I'm so yeah we did Michigan David and the games it's what I said after was he that I was talking smack me. Just say there was met it. A nose go to four it was going to be even crazy because they'll be feed off their homeland energy and Powell although Fabio look over there. All right room mine I get the response so here. But he fell for you watching your brother because I know that you get to play games against each other played before this. The U thing zoo and a series this high stakes before he hasn't been the biggest moment of his career new. And spears Big Brother you water to you well Celine reading on the court and launches a shot. What are you thinking I hope that goes and a hope it doesn't go in what do you where where's your brain at. This is put it this way when he's on defense I think careless god need to get my Booker same store. That when I was guarding him yesterday he had a quarter dream in front of our beds. And is such a mixed feel like Jack can't really turn out to be I mean really is like. I'll Mo I'll be okay if he makes his. I'm still consists really hard solicited or film I'm might be OK with Nathan. This. Is this is weird. I think it will ask a little where Venus and surveillance and thought about that it is necessary 1010 Riordan is one on one and you have to take this. And I think it just get all of this out right. As with so we're about was the best way to explain a cancer of the human nature and then moments of roof on you know. Note I heard me if he's violent. You guys have being competitive privacy your whole lives my Brothers are you were both in the three point shooting contest at the and they all start game and you this place Tibet. And I am confused about the stakes that that humans by the Stanley tickets but for what for how Long Will Wear the stakes. They look back at the concert. Pianist and I don't expect it sure there's some dispute. As a load this you don't whether it's home home and home where no matter where the venue is types so I might need to go we had to get immediate issue. Q why I did win. Little brother you really gonna make him pay for you. First up on a recess house loses since birth. Got to pay a bit so we discussed trio with the actual. Stipulations do you make a bet on a series. Most days and the as we get to go to the finals my prayers. And grace racially bigoted go to Vegas rang about it right machine didn't think reform is so there's didn't attend the winner should act by a losers. Maybe like a replica ring if they did some. He's so. That the guy is thinking you this they say brother you're talking about how on kind of winding it is sad to that's it. Names and then thanks to higher and (%expletive) And again.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Steph Curry battles his brother Seth Curry in the NBA Western Conference Finals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63093050","title":"Steph Curry talks NBA Western Conference Finals","url":"/US/video/steph-curry-talks-nba-western-conference-finals-63093050"}