Trump meets with Queen as protests ramp up in England, Thai cave latest

President Trump was greeted by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, as anti-Trump protests continued on the streets of London.
18:36 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Trump meets with Queen as protests ramp up in England, Thai cave latest
Pilots get back to the big story of the morning president trop in the United Kingdom right now he's been meeting with prime minister Teresa may. Let's go to our Karen Travers who is live in London forests and Kerry there is a lot of news to discuss from this press conference the two of them but one of the topics we want to touch on first. The president heavily criticized for recent may regarding or wrecks it negotiations. With the European Union in a British tabloid and yet in the press conference today they seem friendly. And the president seemed to walk back those comments a little bit. He did quit they were holding hands when they came into the press conference the president and the prime minister. Holding hands briefly as they left the press conference I mean they were going to great plains to show that their relationship is strong precedent in fact was saying. That he wanted to being critical of two recent living criticizing her personally. In that bombshell interview he did with the sun tabloid newspaper here yesterday. Interview he said that he had spoken to juries and they about racks at plants in the united kingdom of course to leave the European Union. And he gave her advice on but she didn't listen to him and he disagrees with the plan that she's taking to go forward and a president. Nor predicted that is written continues on his time that she headlined. Might not be able to move forward on its sweet deal well. When the president was standing with the British prime minister today was also sales it is very deliberate attempt to show a lack of tension. He said that the relationship between the United States the United Kingdom is at the very highest level that's special relationship. And he says he thinks that two recent days of fantastic woman doing a tremendous job. And he also went and asked that question about the so called advice that he gave he called it more of a suggest you have but would get into. Or elaborate on exactly what he said over. I do want to touch on another topic though because the president talked about his upcoming summit the big meeting. With Vladimir Putin what specifically did the president say he would discuss with the Russian leader. And said that he will talk about Ukraine area and Italy and other security issues and of course. Russian election meddling will come up if you asked as he was walking out of that press conference we have whether he would tell Russia to stop meddling in elections and he said simply. That's a good. It seems to be I think going. Greatly to downplay expectations for this meeting. Yesterday he said it was going to be a loose yet jail the White House has said there isn't going to be some B I statement or big action taken out of it. And the president said today it's also not expecting that when they talk about Russia's election meddling that Putin's in this say. Yeah out we did it he made sort of a joke that media deed it to some people but he said there isn't going to be a Perry Mason moment where that is just going to kick ass every thing but. Another indication from the president wit that he is going to talk about it. He just hasn't talked about in such strong terms I think at some of his aides it said really gonna was. Hard yet the president's time in the UK it's not finished she still has a busy day ahead he's having teal with the queen what do you tell us about that meeting later today. To be a fly on the wall for what is the social part of the president's visits he and the First Lady will be sitting down for tea with Queen Elizabeth and more experts and told ABC that she's gonna go to great plains to make them feel comfortable to put them at ease her famous dogs will be there of course and it's usually a very good icebreaker for any guests who are coming in a meeting the queen for the first time we're also told wit. She's going to poorer and serve the T herself. The president clearly seems to be very pleased with this meeting he told the sun newspaper that he thinks the queen is impressive in tremendous and that he's very excited to take the First Lady to her. The president calling his relationship with the UK the highest level of special. Describing. All right Karen Travers for us live in London thank you so much up for more coverage of the president's. Trip to the UK were also following the protests thousands of people hitting the streets there you can see some of the images now. Or Ian panel has been no walking and following along talking to these protesters. Four hours now. What can you tell us about what the protesters are saying how are they reacting to the president's visit to the UK. We've been talking. The for hours if not days and have a little moments on your that does jams that you've done. I guarantee it's in the tens of thousands. So get tens of thousands. There are tens of thousands. Welcome hundreds of thousands of people look at France's streets of London today it's very big. Love this city this he's also protest its breath to see something quite this size. People room. All sorts of backgrounds not just break it's not just London something many Americans here today the rule united one very simple message they don't think that president Tom. Welcome in the country. And they don't like these policy and particular it's his policies on immigration. It seems that united twice that many people against it neither the global different kinds of backgrounds and their games different parts of different policies. But there is a sense of justice likening the president and his policies but that sense of via. Up there about the unpredictable elements of the old from what it is that he's capable of doing. To win the moment we're regent street conceded the recent hit pretty relaxed on T com level type it's. Livingston is well I think probably poll. Appleton post five minutes and it just has not stopped moving by the rule heading down to to file this flag that would sweep of the large column. Nelson's column in the sense its whether gonna go that they can hold a rally in recent speeches and people are trying to make their voices heard. There was some question right about whether president hopes to Wear of this weather reached here we'll see it when he sending what you'll see it directly but it probably will do. On the news them for a man. He spends quite so much attention on twitch he's bound to see it there as well in the in his interview with the son interestingly he betrayed for the first time some sensitivity. To the fact that. He was aware that we will did not want him in Central London that he was responding to. What how are you mentioned. The sun the British tabloid there and I know you're you're having difficulty hearing me America's friends speak a little bit louder free Ian. How are people reacting to the president's criticism. Of the British prime minister in the sun. I mean a thing for a lot of people here who put necessary to come as a surprise. And it breaks all sorts of political diplomatic decorum right if you all of that guests in someone's country. Don't give an interview to he's not just the main tabloid news bay did it most widely read newspaper in Britain. You don't give an incident to his political Edyta. Criticizing the lives and that's what he did so there is that British sense of decency that evening that in light of reason I. Many people it will not be bands that through tonight pool a conservative government. They will build some sense of upfront that this is not how things that dumb but these people. And no funds have rested and most of them will not be kinds of wrecks it that was the decision. To pull Britain out to the European Union. So there will be an elements of not being so surprised that the president is being outspoken. Sounding slightly offended that this is how you behaved when you're the guest in some woods country. I wouldn't be gamble's development police helicopters flying event as a kind of keeps on coming by. Union movement who represented. Gay lesbian groups of represented. Q school groups seen back and really groundless. But also represents I think of a lot of anger toward president from. This is an unusual I mean what went to those of you pushed tag when President Obama today oh lead when Richard Nixon and president there's always have. Syndrome the British public. Rule that's coming up. Helical that is on the loose and it looks. The crowd because the rules it's runs and this. And accuses him. Sense of the our thanks to Ian panel on the crew out there. Following all the developments we do want to transition to another story this was the huge story coming out of the weekend and storing this week at as the rescue. Of that Thai soccer team in the caves all twelve boys and their soccer coach making out a live it was an extraordinary. International effort that played out over many hours. Our correspondent Adrian baker has been out there for days following all of this Adrian you've been at the hospital which is where a lot of the activity has been lately. We know the boys are seeing their in the hospital behind us what can you tell us about their conditions today. Well thankfully wit and a good evening to you from Thailand the boys are steadily improving and that doctors. Have been keeping us in in they know about their conditions. Of the last if they came in which was the last four boys on the soccer team and their coach. Three of the boys reportedly have some sort of inner ear infection as well as ringing in the ears. They are being medicated for that the first two groups of boys. Really really have done well they're both eating normal food for the first eight weight eating normally. A couple of them about some low fever. But overall there infections passed the test to see if they ebony highly contagious diseases it. Came back clear they're still awaiting some tests about. Any viruses the boys may have contracted. The win they were inside that Kate you. But they're certainly building your strength back if you remember of course we've been reporting this story James long an and Mack got men have been doing an awesome job. About the time that the boys were discovered by divers and in the process of getting them out but in that time period they went so many days without food. And they were given the military rations athletic Zhao the kind of job if she would. It ingest if you were about to. Run a race he needed a boost of energy but no real hard solid food. Nothing really substantial because of the length of time they had been starving inside that cave and so it's good to hear that there off of that candidate diet they are often soft food. And for the most part they can have they're a favorite food soon but. But we do know that their family is now able to be at their bedside something that has been changed as of late before they were just looking at them through a glass wall. But now relatives can indeed visit this children at their bedside of his so have to Wear surgical masks. Just a precaution. If they are exposed to any germs or bacteria and doctors want to prevent that so we're happy to tell you that things are getting better very very quickly. Absolutely positive developments I remember you reporting about that blast Lawler that I'm a parent myself and just. Imagining these parents who waited in agony for more than two weeks to. Here news and then for their children to come out and then they weren't even able to go grab them a hug them and kiss them right away it's so great to hear that they're actually. At their bedside. We have an update on when they'll be released from the hospital of their timeline now. Well the doctors have told that's even as as recently as today. Of that they will have to be administered antibiotics over the course of the next few days. If you remember at the first boys were rescued on Sunday evening highland time. Which would be mourning in the United States and then the next voice came out on Monday and on Tuesday we have the last four boys and the coach so. We still aren't certain yet whether they're going to stagger their release or release them all around the same time that doctors are insistent that. It will be at least a week inside the hospital. A receiving those antibiotics before they are allowed to go home and when they do a ride home they'll be monitored for the next thirty days to recover to rests. And that means to that they won't have as much homework that to have the principal at one of the schools where many of the boys attend says that they will be given. A pass on some of the scheduled exams that a lot of the students will be taking but those students this fellow students have been rain. First that they would be found at get out safely and now they're praying in gratitude that they've been rescued so we got that those boys could be out. Really any time early this coming week. Amazing we can't wait for that moment it while your talking we're just showing some of the images of those boys in their hospital beds. You know waving into the camera as it is this it it warms your heart. To see that there they are right there at their hands raised look at these pictures just unbelievable. The feel good story of the year absolutely and Adrian. Thank you so much for your credible reporting in the entire team out there I know it's been around the clock but. We truly appreciate it all all all of the stories all the images we've been bringing to us thank you. Pilots talk about some other stories that we're following and wild weather across the country we have heavy rains we have. Flash floods happening in different regions of the US let's get a check of the forecast with our chief meteorologist ginger is the ginger. Whitney McGee street and to the weather headlines a lot of flak flying to talk about around the country and for different reasons we start in the west where we see the pictures coming out of near San Bernardino California. Those streets filled with might it really only took an inch to two inches in this region to get that car stuck in the mud in Utah with up to three inches. Near burn scar in that place CNET really muddy water rushing down hills. And then finally I want to bring a picture from Minnesota where up to seven inches of rain fell completely different systems in different mechanisms. However same result seed at water. Submerging a car. Now that high too high it's placed perfectly to give us more potential for flooding that spicy flash flood watches from Nevada. To New Mexico and Colorado in the southwest allow that moisture initiating coming off the Pacific but then the perfect set up with. Certain fronts and a high pressure you suck at a building there. Given point could seat three to four inches right down into Alabama and Georgia where front will stall this weekend so keep an eye on all that and squeezed in the middle. Will be heat. And also on the West Coast look at that heat advisories stretches from northern Illinois back through parts of Arkansas and Louisiana do you see heat indices there close to 105. In some places or even a little higher. And then the excessive heat warning from Redding Upton met for advocate in the cascades have that red flag warning because all the heat dry there. But some of the numbers we'll be ten even twenty degrees above average this week. I ginger thanks so much and with the hype he triple digits in some places people be rushing to the beaches to try to cool off. Let's get to our Victor canto his live in Miami but Victor though there are some hazards people need to consider. First though want to talk about this incredible story speaking of those hazards at the currents and everything. This teenager who is basically a lost at sea out there for ten days looking tell us about that. An hour's wait excuse me hours all alone in the middle of the night he says that he survived by. Praying to god the entire time and somehow he did it. While holding onto his glasses the entire time much born in this teenager nineteen year old in just a moment but first it's very very active we. Don't rip currents hundreds of rescues up and down the East Coast all week long. This year alone sixteen people have died because of Britain current. One of those just north of here in volusia county Florida a 61 year old man was swept away by rip current. He did not survive but this teenager that we mentioned earlier nineteen year old Blix back tarot. He was just in waist deep water not that far out at all what a rip current came and took about immediately started screaming for help but nobody could hero. Get carried out so far that eventually his father and the Coast Guard started searching forum. He was out there all alone for tender long hours he says that when he. Got really tired although he did was float on his back in that's actually exactly what lifeguard seeing you shouldn't do it it just. It too tired all trying to fight these Rupert sugar by the way is try to swim parallel to shore but that it's retiring simply float. It's easy maneuver that could save your life so it's Terrell this nineteen year old. So electric that about four miles of actually making it to a golf course. That's where it came a short. That's where he got help but he so desperately needed an incredible story of survival. So when it comes to spotting these rip currents that can be so dangerous there are few things you can do first thing is just get to an elevated spot on the beach if go that high up I just take a look at where those people are there at that high enough. Here itself it will also this year over you can walk up to those rocks as well he would give yourself a good data export see where the tide is coming in so what you see the tide and sorts it all. The waves coming in. Look for up rake some kind of gap in those waves right in the middle you might be just that that current you be able to audit also want to look out for. Bold course we accumulating out there but obviously the easiest thing to deal. Just ask a lifeguard there are rip currents the safest thing view is just swim at a beach where lifeguards present but there is one more thing you mine which. If you're in the water and you can't see the lifeguard chances are that its EU where. All great advice at base for the correction their ten hours significantly different than ten days I misspoke on that. But it doesn't seem Victor doesn't seem like it's stopping people the rip currents from going out into the water what are people telling you they're on the beach. Well look a lot of people here are on summer break honestly it's South Beach so the weather's I don't always like this as you can imagine. It's just after 11 AM and that each is already slammed here they're taking full advantage right now thankfully. The water is called but because of hurricane Chris right along the East Coast all week long the water's gotten really rough out there so is it. Definitely busy week for lifeguards beaches were closed and senators as well it for good reason because those records so that you really do not like taking chances out there. Absolutely I gotta admit I'm a bit jealous of your remote location though right now the beach more comfortable than the studio I think heading into the weekend. Victor a cat dog Miami thanks so much we appreciate it. Org for more on that story and all the stories that we're following here at ABC news you can go to Or download the ABC news. Mobile app for breaking news alerts rate your Smart bomb. We'll have the latest developments and all the breaking stories happening here today on ABC news live. I'm which yachts and have a great that.

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