Twin Sister Reacts to Police-Involved Shooting That Killed Her Brother

Tiffany Crutcher discusses the deadly incident in Tulsa that took the life of her brother Terence.
4:05 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twin Sister Reacts to Police-Involved Shooting That Killed Her Brother
The story. Is coming. Your brother. Your twin brother what was he like as a person. Mary calling. Mainly. Had a lot of fans everybody we call them date credits. Was just. The clown of the neighborhood he loved to sing that with his pants and he was the sinkers and you know he's saying every day he was in church every Sunday singing. Need to start class it TCC. He was taken music appreciation class. We just celebrated a fortieth birthday. To sixteen that over a month ago it. Had a long extensive conversation about just you know I'm next levels and life it. You know some of our goals and aspirations. And what were some of those from him for him were artists that make his family proud and you could that's his children. And and make music. That was on the pistols. Analysis how long. August 16 from that over a month ago below normal. 62. When you watch the videos and you see and hear the helicopter pilot say. Or describe your brother as the date that you what kind of written. Do you have. That was very disturbing to no. When about public service. Says. I felt that they prejudged my bad. Without knowing who what when where what what's going on. And it was tests. Malls. Like confirmation. Or validation that this is what happens to so many people. Because they have the story they look bigger they Lukas certainly. And anyway who. We're supposed to be in of the trust. Officers who who serve and protect us and that right there may mean boost trust and and definitely. Offices and Tallulah do at least that my aunt was a police officer. To hear that it broke my heart and so disgusted. So disgusted by. And and one called it to be the something wrong. He's. That should have been communicated. Subsequently we can this and that no one calls like that team and it's. Before this incident happened what the breakdown why that the offices Mike its network. The death camp and is this home he went. But the thing for me so it is obviously not see him walking away with it. He's turned and appears to me he's. He reacts to ease its time before. One. Indeed he's hit its high and I know that even the helicopter operates some prospects this it would he's been today. These candidates basically it is the moment that you and besides it's rated RD radio car. But if it's okay he's been a because. He's. But I am curious in the end ultimately what do you want to see happen. To this police officer to this police department. I'm on accountability and I want. A child just as immediately. You know they want to do what's right just like where hill. To a standard of we break the law. I want that officer to be Hilton with same standard. And we just want justice for my brother. So he'll know anything looks down as they his life truly. And I won't rest until that happens.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Tiffany Crutcher discusses the deadly incident in Tulsa that took the life of her brother Terence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42221892","title":"Twin Sister Reacts to Police-Involved Shooting That Killed Her Brother","url":"/US/video/twin-sister-reacts-police-involved-shooting-killed-brother-42221892"}