Vanessa Guillen’s fiancé speaks out in 1st TV interview since her murder

Guillen’s fiancé and her closest friends break their silence in a 20/20 special, “What Happened to Vanessa”
7:01 | 06/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanessa Guillen’s fiancé speaks out in 1st TV interview since her murder
The fiancee of Vanessa Guillen is speaking on national television for the first time since her murder. The twenty year old army soldier was killed on a military base after tundra Stanley she'd been sexually harassed by supervisor. John Quinones has more on her family's search for justice. We want my answers. We want toasters. One good news has spent the last year looking for answers after the brutal murder of his fiancee. Army specialist Vanessa Guillen. Guillen was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen Texas when she disappeared in April 20/20. Just twenty years old she was missing for more than two months before her body was found in the woods twenty miles away. The prime suspect fellow army specialist Aaron Robinson he died by suicide after escaping the base during the investigation. Now he ends fiance is speaking out in his first national television interview. Sometimes I don't know it completely he sees reality. She's not alone here here. I'm always thinking a minor. He's so good to memories. Crews describing the moment he learned Vanessa had been found dead I don't know where it. Hold that TVs when ray. The and they say breaking news. There remain swear to MS is he has. When last seen them. There's darkroom. At the time of GM's disappearance her family claimed the army wasn't taking it seriously. Leading to protests. An investigation into the handling of the Guillen case in resulted in the suspension or firing of 21 soldiers. The investigation finding that Guillen was sexually harassed by a supervisor. But that leadership in her unit failed to take action or investigate. The allegations. Investigators also saying they did not find any connection between the harassment. And her murder. And that poor communication. Was to blame for allowing the suspect. To escape custody. Despite the army accepting responsibility for many missteps cruise says he still wants justice. For his beloved. Do you fill those since the beginning pumpkins song to let that happen on the military base. They taking care of those protecting knows who's protecting them. We will hear much more from an us against Yancey tonight 120 each when he and ABC's John Quinones will be hosting that episode and John. It's your lot with me now for more on this John thanks so much for being here I know you've been covering. But us again story for over a year now so tell me well only learned about her and her case tonight that we haven't already heard. Well for the first time in addition to hear from her fiance and her family we're going to hear from super friends Tuttle soldiers. Until now not sit very much in we will hear. What they say Minnesota hold them and that is that she was being sexually harassed by whatever superiors. While at Fort Hood. You also your new yellow beauties feels about her killer Otis specialist Aaron Rollins why why was he ever arrested and Holly Madison escape on this militarized. He's and get a gun and then die body was I'd have some tough questions for the aria so we sit down with a major general who helped lead the new investigation. Into the Vanessa the end case. Does he explain all the mistakes the blunders. Bad says led to lose lots investigation. And John the army just finished an investigation in nineteen GM's case what course other big findings. I can't find that she wasn't he sexually aroused by one of her superiors although they will not say who that person is. Assembly and perhaps most important thing happened on the moment and determine why Vanessa was little Allison million panel was created to look at the command. And culture or go to their it wants what is the results in this role they discovered that a good number blunders and mistakes were committed by investigators early on in the investigate and response. Review board eskimo would seventy recommendations. And for those already been put in place among the most important new policy were missing soldiers are automatically listed as a wall the army will also sprang from its program for reporting sexual assault and sexual arrests. Are now all Symbian and he will be in charge of the RE CIE. Little investigative command will no longer overseen. By the military. To big development nine MGM's family's been very critical of the army's handling of the case how are they reacting to this new investigation and some of the changes you just said. I am look kindly still very must beside themselves they want to know. Why did her daughter. They say the family since the command investigated report. I reveal what they already knew more than a year ago there especially. Because the army and Muslim that a higher ranking officer is it their all and personally explain the findings are their investigation. Established illnesses Margaret currency interest instead. Results were sent to them by email and it would be able to the rest of most of the media and all conference call. Only expected much more early aren't. Johnny is spent a lot of time with her family at this point the prime suspect in her murder is dead here so what do you think justice looks like now. For Manassas loved ones. You know that you don't speaks Spanish Diana when you see tomorrow's report will be although Koppel or any member border this spam we spend less where. The fiance one crew whose dream is dreams marriage children a future where it. We're at this beloved biomass are gone and there's a sense that this sounded like use will never see real justice because although one woman incessantly act DeMar. And accused of helping bury bonuses body and she will stand trial soon. Is the killer of specialist Aaron Robinson died homicides so beta and we will very likely. Never aren't exactly. What her. Younger daughter. Why are. Right John Quinones straight to Heidi John thank you. And you can watch the full 20/20 special what happened to the Nass said tonight at 9 PM eastern on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Guillen’s fiancé and her closest friends break their silence in a 20/20 special, “What Happened to Vanessa”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78223189","title":"Vanessa Guillen’s fiancé speaks out in 1st TV interview since her murder","url":"/US/video/vanessa-guillens-fianc-speaks-1st-tv-interview-murder-78223189"}