Elephants Seen From a New Perspective

A group of elephants come across a hidden GoPro and explore it with their trunks.
2:50 | 08/04/15

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Transcript for Elephants Seen From a New Perspective
What welcome at the time for the knicks ever thought about giving you the elephants and go pro. Hang crossed the line but it's on to your that in from the dead but it a look at just how it responded. There they got a walk up to the go broke camp has sniffs sniffs then pick it up we'll we'll. And they sort of end up playing folk pop. Socket. With pepper. Very inquisitive trumps. They're gracing the field little babies and show and then they get the go broke emanate kind of settle up. This isn't elephants were not Smart animals apparently they know what's going on and not about the social media to Wear these guys. There's there's. The of Pristina but now now. Have not taken a peak but they get up to Oprah takes you were no other humans and never. Actually you know go through really you have one. You know what I'll do it one elephants when he. If stuff breakfast. Ari folks ladies and gentlemen this is the debate you've had in your officers saving your homes as well. Wherein. Our cold. In the office. Apparently and there is there a reason why we have researchers and particularly in the Netherlands who now say that the reason many women and have plagued gets an absolutely ridicule don't know if you had a blanket usually under need the desk every day do you know have as many but today's exception. But there's a reason for this is because that office is often calibrate. The temperature. Based on. Any pain any. Formula that was developed in the sixties for a man at the 154 years old and wearing a suit in the office right so you need our air condition is based on the Batman series of does not go mad men. Vote order that. But men are wearing suits we are we way a little more so the temperature is adjusted for how we. How our bodies need to react to that what our bodies need not for a woman who is ending a church that doesn't have sleeves and a skirt possibly. That's good stuff so even our air conditioned revolves around them at the office allegedly according to the study. That is the case. So we've really never left and that many earned I know we left the mad men error. All right. We've really got to legally that we had built a woman who's the best fighter in the world get along the best tennis player in the world we Obama who is leading for the White House right now OK but at any offense and still face throughout the 150 pound man wearing a suit which she gets in the White House for I think I'm just fed thermostats to whatever extent bought up. OK if it. But it says there's a reason for it and we need to consider I'm glad someone has got to the Bob this is this is really truly how up. That's right before the shelf with my coffee testimony and that's my glue of Lincoln's.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"A group of elephants come across a hidden GoPro and explore it with their trunks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32871846","title":"Elephants Seen From a New Perspective","url":"/WNN/video/elephants-perspective-32871846"}