Spartan Races Combine Mud and Obstacle Courses

ABC News' John Muller & Diana Perez compete in a rigorous obstacle course.
7:29 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Spartan Races Combine Mud and Obstacle Courses
Welcome back -- we're certainly dressed for this story it's a sport -- giving new meaning to the term weekend warrior obstacle style races ahead exploded in popularity. -- just the past three years and involve much more than running testing your physical mental fitness with people of different ages and ability levels figure they're all let's take a look. -- walls barbed wire and mud lots of mud. Obstacle racists have their roots in military training are now testing people or different backgrounds one company -- -- -- events across the country nearly every weekend. From the hills of northern California. -- the Times Square in New York. And it's not only this -- fit in these races. It never ever -- -- I've learned my entire life. -- -- It's pretty awesome mom. Is likely to decide when any other and I beat up quite a guy who got. He's trying to all that had to reward -- I don't know about that. I co-founder and started to raise agenda -- is here joining us now jumped to welcome hope it isn't anything these things. Regular people -- the muscles. Everybody did the we -- -- area couch potatoes -- -- -- -- 77 year old grandmother they're competing G after it's done. So -- couch potato how do you get in -- innocent looks very demanding he -- that's the great thing about the sport that you get to work your body through not just running into some -- -- and push up to some clubs. Post Soviet colleague on the weekends and -- yeah yeah. So I don't ignore -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's something going on this weekend what's going on there is real the world championships up Vermont so people from all of the world is coming to compete first time ever. Big first 150000 dollars and wild prize money and we got people coming from as far away to Mongolia and they're coming from everywhere to us through the -- -- -- -- I think we've got some top Spartan racers here comes as yes oriented downgrade they definitely got some recovery assistance for -- of -- -- you can go. All right Alex. -- wanted to announce we're gonna -- do this course for the and -- recommends you -- in Austin Johnson -- -- yeah I really going on here are ready. -- -- -- There yeah. Yeah I don't know -- that long you know. The hardest part of the challenge of. Yeah. Definitely guys it's a good idea I was the only -- this -- about -- you -- hide -- and he'll -- Yeah. -- daughter tumbled off. And he didn't even landed him. Now I don't know -- The -- That's the time in the east that's the time to be. Why -- that's when we come back we're gonna give it a shot. Welcome back everyone. -- Iraqis -- now he's already set to go either way the time to beat is 39 seconds that's -- Alex did so he's already -- we've got a little camera on you when you camera rental -- was in the simulator -- my heart stops your -- make. -- -- You are just like we did with mixed you're reading is starting their entire lives out in -- editor I've got. But I swear off and on my way just for the record when he was awkward spotters and he says yeah. There -- and ready steady go. Come on John. You looking just like Alex yeah. Do right now. He did not enrolled don't generally -- what didn't you. At all. Now what are you know I don't -- that -- oneself. Now the law don't follow the -- -- the -- thirty degrees if you follow the rule of movies should debate. You -- I'm good advice carried out here again -- little -- just like Alex. -- -- -- -- -- Really. They're in. Including the day. Yeah yeah. Now what. Yeah. Whom did a double nothing -- like -- did come out of breath and it's but. And again being. Three. Then and it's. -- highest yeah. -- -- yeah I cared enough about -- It's very -- -- -- -- me that's not -- and I that's not back our lives. We know what. Now that -- done it even though I'm I'm a little not as good shape as John isn't quite an haven't tried it I'm gonna -- attracted. But here the thing I've got to -- now who leads. I -- besides I'll take all of John's got his senior season and that's the best idea to do that you probably didn't you think and that's -- -- -- -- Here -- are you ready I'm ready -- job. Yeah. Nice how when you -- -- -- -- market. All the while. What was that -- you told me. Little hot -- -- you know how. -- can tell have a good life. -- -- -- They're not long. -- -- -- -- Thank you guys don't forget I'm -- recently -- John not. And yeah. -- -- -- -- Well nicely done. Well we have a good job and -- channel -- -- -- -- -- -- that they really really and what is it you do what weighed more. Intermediate and longer you told -- one -- four hours around the world championship much confidence and she knew damn well. I -- -- here world right now. Break it. Up here -- That was awesome thank you so much more working people go if they want if they want information WW those funds -- dot com excellent all right. I don't think so much catch your breath watching world news now. I want.

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{"id":20314797,"title":"Spartan Races Combine Mud and Obstacle Courses","duration":"7:29","description":"ABC News' John Muller & Diana Perez compete in a rigorous obstacle course.","url":"/WNN/video/spartan-races-combine-mud-obstacle-courses-20314797","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}