Baby Beluga on the Way

Georgia Aquarium's beluga whale, Maris, is expecting!
2:54 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Baby Beluga on the Way
Or. Welcome back time now for the next I love my animal stories proms Unita one turn that thing. I love pregnancy stories to to a one. A whale pregnancy it's over happened Georgia aquarium take a look. Twenty year old beluga Maris is pregnant this time the second let go round. People very optimistic about it. She had earlier pregnancy 2012 the first half didn't survive unfortunately it's comedy stage the first pregnancies don't necessarily take from beluga whales both in wildlife and in captivity. But they're pretty hopeful that with each pregnancy that he gets better and better she's getting state of the art technology and everybody can follow the progress on the Georgia aquarium blog and social media site. Well that story I love that story. I think it's everything wrapped into one and sometimes when I'm pregnant at some sort of like a whale and good to see a real whale kind of great you know. I feel comfort knowing. That she also suffers but what gets through it and we'll have a quick check. Very that this is though we work here you like him we'll stories like the relationship story needed a related story about a proposal. Everybody had a powerful story of this couple has one he proposed to her. That the police. You do get through sometimes all right Casey the couple that was after they got we score but he actually proposed before and isn't over into. Actually. If they were all their weight this couple. Pain to a romantic retreat wherever maybe you gonna propose that we got into an accident hit a tree Arlington keep honestly thought that show up big guy again with the couple of override. Then the back of the car so he wasn't a crippling winter rain and steal them rain now oh he wasn't under Red Hat or stealing anything if you're just getting arrive but he couldn't wait. For holds the backseat of a car that eventually pulled over stopped and propose this way that's what to do to get good guys do we get nervous and. And hugs oh look at that she's. All works out okay in the back because from the back of the car police car at. But well good luck to about my home state of Florida who could possibly be content what now break down. To be the 51 state north Florida and south fort apparently that is. Something the politicians are looking at lines in southern Florida because they are worried the mayor's South Florida and south Miami city commission says they want. S legal separation they went north and south because they are worried. That the northern part of the state isn't looking up for the southern part of state as global warming it could affect the southern part and possibly bring them under water. Soup this is. From the mayor down there let's go so well let me tell you what mayor Phil Stoddard said it's very apparent to the attitude of the northern part of the state is that they would just love this obvious stayed in half I just let us one way into the Caribbean it's not true we love you guys I'm from Tampa. Eyewitness I don't wanna see my favorite part we don't either you then we'll look for the visit. We'll be back.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Georgia Aquarium's beluga whale, Maris, is expecting!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26393936","title":"Baby Beluga on the Way","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-baby-beluga-26393936"}