Yawning Epidemic

A coffee ad in Brazil featuring people yawning causes commuters to feel tired.
2:54 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for Yawning Epidemic
All right time for the mix we start with them creative advertising that makes you sleepy. I don't need it. Now and the advertising to make these would be what I want coffee barrel you Coffey director. And ETX ninety are but everybody's there camping now this is in Brazil. This is creative advertising that you see if there simple enough about what they do a public company and I don't watch that I yes look okay hint about what I thought. What they did the more they have the cash from this from ever thereby. And the more people that walked five and the more the guide dogs are right and the point here is to make people sleepy. And what they found out that 70% of people who saw this guy gone in the appetite in the yard themselves. We've all been there right somebody going beyond yourself. But then you had people show up later with full trade of coffee give them a dose of the caffeine so eventually this could be used to make you sleepy. To make you want coffee to help you you know bibles often you can plan on this. Prison and easy when I'm not accidentally and that and. Getting it on the subway and let it hang on Islam plays it makes you want some by a couple well because you think it's the. And even a cent of copy can we. It was everywhere else at that time did we have we have focused extensively. On. OK so even does not copied can get you up and now there's this alarm clock that will do just that Spencer wake so. Do you think you have been in a really good that maybe we can put TJ can sensory they're. You get excited there could be years and Mulligan an accident. Because we already know none. They have the they have copied one everyone I really like if they have and dollar this knowledge dollar. Legions but he got to get out the money was sick with bundles. I was I think I want it like maybe now we don't wait until fouls sent you'll wake up to a but it will wake you well let's just be a pleasant experience. What won't wait you know what until something was that it went vacant and I think it's vacant. Yeah again. Lobster. Okay as a lobster rough downstairs give getting out of the OK we'll be yours and it's. No not at would have to be like pancakes. Thank usually get picked off so why does he because you breakfast in the victory of Mildred good if that's the problem all right what motive fitness tip outs. This is they soccer superstar. But he's he's kick in the wrong the wrong ball he's taking golf ball field. This is the kid his name is. Alberto apple Bartow. Four got a Lopez he's in Phoenix he does yet YouTube channel what he specializes in kicking soccer ball doing soccer shot but in this what he's actually on a you can tell here a miniature golf course. Still kicking golf balls Pickens of the world is better than those who with a book kids got talent also we're gonna say it's national leave the office currently in effect. If and when you're doing I'm.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A coffee ad in Brazil featuring people yawning causes commuters to feel tired.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31461659","title":"Yawning Epidemic","url":"/WNN/video/yawning-epidemic-31461659"}