'Jeopardy' contestant breaks single-day record

James Holzhauer won $131,127, smashing his own single-day win record of $110,914 set last week.
1:11 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for 'Jeopardy' contestant breaks single-day record
America strong. The young man on "Jeopardy!" And his favorite family numbers, part of his strategy. Our returning champion. Reporter: James Holzhauer. 35 years old. James now has the three highest one-day totals for winnings on "Jeopardy!." Reporter: And last night, he did it again. You're going to add some more money. You have just set a one-day record. Again. Reporter: $131,127. James has been on an incredible ten day winning streak. His total, just shy of $700,000. His strategy? The big money clues first. 2,000. 2,000. Reporter: The professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, all-in on the daily doubles. All-in, please. Reporter: And those specific wagers only "Final jeopardy?" These are all significant dates to me. I wagered $3,268 on March 26, 2008. My first nephew was born. Reporter: And he may get the chant to continue on tonight. Thank you for watching, I'm

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"James Holzhauer won $131,127, smashing his own single-day win record of $110,914 set last week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62495972","title":"'Jeopardy' contestant breaks single-day record","url":"/WNT/video/jeopardy-contestant-breaks-single-day-record-62495972"}