Made in America gift ideas for the holidays

“World News Tonight” continues to share American-based companies that show that they are a part of the community.
3:12 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Made in America gift ideas for the holidays
And finally tonight here, our made in America Christmas. We asked for your one thing and you delivered this year. We even heard from Oprah. We have reported on dozens of companies, determined to make it here in America. And it turns out, you have now given them an early Christmas gift. Your orders. Thousands of them, right after the news every night. So, tonight, some new ideas and a heartfelt thank you. Tonight, Christmas now just three days away. Boulder city, Nevada. Family owned 72 years, starting in 1948. Three generations, 60 workers. And we remember the first time they showed us their pens two years ago. You can see right here, Boulder city, Nevada, usa. This year, their pens are being used on the spacex missions to the international space station. And tonight, the team showing us their newest pens called the first responder series. You've got red for firefighters, white for emts and ems medical. A portion of every sale going to help first responders. Some of the profits from their raw brass pens helping feeding America. Made in America! And tonight here, the companies we've been reporting on checking back in with us, telling us what you did. Hey, David. Bold foot socks, $15,000 in sales the first night after our report. Shuffle golf, $3,000 in orders. Phillip Ashley chocolates, 3,500 new orders. Shane Henderson and his son justice from metal art of Wisconsin. Our feature on "World news tonight" generated well over 3,000 orders in a three-day period. We are scrambling to hire new people. Made in America! Yeah! Hi, David! Hi, David. The Johnson family and their honey. The Zach and Zoe sweet bee farm and hundreds of new orders. Thank you so much for featuring, we are swamped since last week, working around the clock. If you haven't gotten your honey yet, be patient. The instashield from Dan brown Sr. And Dan brown Jr. Hi, David. Thanks to you and your viewers, we sold 23,000 shields after your airing. Donating shields in Texas. Boxes arriving in Houston. And in Indiana -- We're so excited to get this donation of 20,000 instashields made in America. And in Chicago, the soaps from soap distillery. One viewer telling us she placed an order and she loved what she heard back. They wrote, "We. Reporter: Recently featured on ABC worldwide news. It's been quite the wild ride, but we ar eternally grateful for your orders. If you can please wait, we would grately appreciate your patience." And tonight, Danielle martin back with us. We received 600 orders that day with additional few hundred orders the next day. Thank you and ABC "World news tonight," we hope that you guys have a great holiday. We hope you do, too. We love that note. So many of these companies overwhelmed, in a good way, hoping you'll stick with them, even if they can't get it there on time and we hope you will. Thank you for what you've done. Good night.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"“World News Tonight” continues to share American-based companies that show that they are a part of the community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74870320","title":"Made in America gift ideas for the holidays","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-gift-ideas-holidays-74870320"}