Major winter blast covers majority of US

More than 40 states are under winter weather alerts for snow, ice and dangerously cold temperatures.
3:52 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for Major winter blast covers majority of US
We begin with the major winter blast covering almost the entire U.S. More than 40 states under winter weather alerts for snow, ice, and dangerous cold. And another storm sweeping in right behind it. Freezing rain blamed for this collision in Mississippi. A car and truck both rolling over. A major wreck in Oklahoma. The crash involving trucks and passenger vehicles. Temperatures in Texas plunging into the single digits. Snowplows working around the clock to clear the roads outside of Amarillo. Seattle reporting its snowiest day in 52 years. Washington state with more than a foot of snow in some areas. Millions now bracing for record cold through Tuesday. Temperatures 50 degrees below average. Windchills well below zero from Texas to the dakotas. Dangerous ice leaving hundreds of thousands without power on both coasts. Marcus Moore is in Texas and leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, that powerful storm system taking icy aim at the south. This wreck shutting down an Oklahoma City turnpike this afternoon. Smoke billowing in the distance. Interstate 10 near El Paso littered with big rigs and other vehicles. A fiery crash on interstate 55 outside Jackson, Mississippi. Firefighters working to put out the flames. The crash blamed on freezing rain. In Austin, first responders nearly slammed by an out of control car. After last week's massive pileup in ft. Worth, officials begging drivers to stay home. Experts say if your car goes into a slide, don't panic, don't slam on the brakes, instead pick your eyes up, look at where you want to go and steer into the skid. And as you regain traction turn the wheel straight. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Reporter: This big rig driver jackknifing, but turning into the skid, preventing it from tipping over. The system diving into the plains after punishing the northwest. Ice taking out power lines near Portland, thousands out power. In Seattle, cars pushing cars up hills after 9 inches of snow in one day, the most in 52 years. Definitely had to take it a not used to it, but we're moving. Reporter: Ice from a separate system causing problems in the east from Greensboro, north Carolina, to Virginia, parts of the state enduring their worst ice storm in 20 years. Authorities warning families to prepare to be without power in freezing temperatures for several more days. Some dangerous cold air. Marcus, officials are also concerned about power outages. They're warning people to try to conserve power? Reporter: That's right. They expect demand on Monday and Tuesday to be so high, it could overwhelm the power grid. They're asking customers to curtail their use. Here in the Dallas area, the blowing snow and icy roads making travel treacherous. The windchills expected to be below zero through Monday. A dangerous 24 hours ahead. Some brutal cold there. Marcus, thank you. Now let's get right to meteorologist Brittany bell. What is the latest? Reporter: This winter blast could be historic. Let's look at all of those Texas, actually Houston, under a windchill warning for the first time ever. And now we have new alerts for the northeast. It is going to be a rough night for Texas and Oklahoma, as that heavy snow continues to fall. And then that same winter storm, that will impact the northeast late Monday into Tuesday. Bringing heavy rain, ice, and snow with most of that falling farther inland. We could see record breaking lows and dangerous windchills Monday and Tuesday. Linsey? Brittany, thank you. Turning now to the pandemic.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"More than 40 states are under winter weather alerts for snow, ice and dangerously cold temperatures. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75894783","title":"Major winter blast covers majority of US","url":"/WNT/video/major-winter-blast-covers-majority-us-75894783"}