Guy Fieri on helping restaurants amid pandemic and hosting ‘Tournament of Champions’

The Food Network star also discusses his restaurant Flavortown and what dish made him fall in love with American comfort food.
8:18 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guy Fieri on helping restaurants amid pandemic and hosting ‘Tournament of Champions’
Food Network superstar guys see any. Helping to do his part for the restaurant industry during his global pandemic and as someone who loves nothing more than to dine out in my favorite restaurants. I feel as though I should be thanking him personally which I will do right now please welcome the hosts of tournaments of champions and the mayor of hybrid town. The fabulous guy Fiat eight hello guys how why do you have a hat and keep your stuff already here is still less material and it's so that. They didn't like having me and I hadn't you don't win easily like and his studio we okay now I get defeat usually every place I can't how little. Almost hanging out and not dead boot we got there live later got kitchen in your area to deliver and I'm glad you're all going. No but I have explained and I think women lunching on this operatic so we can't give the studio where Marriott where. Where in various cities though your around. You're at your your food town what did you just call it sank about it is. I'm just a lot of the slate tablet that's out that's your at all this right. Stewart already hitting guys so you know it's all a virtual kitchen and there's all these restaurants and he are not able to do all the business in the front of the house think they used to sit at a doing deliveries to go. So we partnered up with a lot of these restaurants and taken my favorite hits from my restaurant. Like the big Mac and cheese burger or DDI. Hitchhiking guy feel like seven to make it today and we've got started this solve all over the country at a 150 locations in. And a bunch become and it's great quirky people working and hope we keep people that. Clayton. Guy I'm one of your biggest fans flavor town as one of my favorite restaurants have hurt we rarely agree on anything on the show at all. But as much elderly wholeheartedly why your food is my response to our producers email about it I want it labor town delivered was. I blanking love's labor town especially just how top president and I really love that when I was pregnant so thank you for creating mounted. The dish that made you fall in love a with this kind of food at what was it because I love your food because I think it's all American comfort and I know especially during these hard times this is really the kind of they've been creeping and I just think nobody does about it and how. Well I think you and I've had a chance to travel around. This great country of ours is dry amazing food from incredible ship mom and pop joints to big corporate restaurant you name it I've added to try it. And it really what I love is what people really engage in that issue they really hit that date grandma's recipe or we're talking about most of our little one of my favorite pieces in the world that I know. And he is. Open plywood in green plains me don't look at that big banana. And he's such a hole in Puerto Rican and Dominican all these different cultures have these sneaking allegation that they Cuban of course. And fry it. And he kept blinking green and it gets right in this initial textual or you can habit when it's right in its week. But any outlook on what you haven't had a please don't I direct got concerned that I it will not be even bowed to follow is great. There is no long. How I was I off grip. I offered guy I offered to make my grandmother's mumbled before you because that certainly is up watery in staple and I've made up a lot of that. Considering the pandemic and I also love cooking competition shows I just don't seem to win any of them that on time but. You can show tournament of champions is coming back for its second season what can fans expect to see this time around. Well you remember season one. If you thought that was crazy heated to give it it doubled liquor if you don't read a randomized of course that British you know spending. Did pick out a different protein a different. Vegetable a different style of cooking habits a piece of equipment and different time for each competition. And I bring sixteen of the greatest chefs in the country to go head to head. It single elimination you lose you go home you'll win you move on. And on top of that all that you show by the beginning of the show. Each one bishop is playing for a restaurant that's not bears and that they win they win 101000 dollars per round. Going to a restaurant that you needed out we know right now the restaurant industry is really hurting. And these ships were just incredible to represent the the other restaurant that there you know that their friends were. I just watched the last episode that when Marcus Samuelson was on hand back he's pretending. He keeps. C average and in his pantry MI markings. Up. And that candidate that's not staple the Marta to coordinate and market netbook but could not out of Syria has no. Restaurants and I and restaurant workers have suffered. Sold so much tremendously. Over the past year. And you've done your part to raise money. More than your pie you've raised almost 25 million dollars to help out. I I you optimistic about where the industry is now in terms of fighting back. Where are they what it is the restaurant industries along with the television industry I've only worked in the restaurant industry and had recently gotten the TV. But it's it's a big group of people that are into adapting and overcoming as you are doing right now you're working from home and and not be able to be together. Big budget director of this as we've gone through the worst of times that I've ever seen since I've been in my you know 3540 years. And what copies were pitted it's similar to this what I'm doing here with these virtual kitchen with labor targeted it would do little odd delivery. I you don't get all the people are able to come to the front doors so let's still make business and let's don't keep people working Lester got back or. And I think he would going to be different than we remove it didn't that it was I really have to be honest with its gonna change. God yeah. Will make it work and everybody can be happy everybody loves a restaurant business survey loved going to restaurant and having their experience. And there may be more virtual restaurant I don't know but it's going to it always continued and that happened. People need to jobs and we need the experience and we need to try different cultures through so there's a lot there. I I I did get coming to Miami Beach fort don't whine and may so I'm waiting for you. Please make sure that we get together and have this dot begin Diane. My wife and I just got back from Florida yesterday. We were down there we loved Florida we we were just in the Lake Worth Jupiter area looking at them. I don't know there might be rumor that deputies might get a house there I don't know what had happened to rumor. About Florida and the ball political blog the people love the weather of the ocean was also. And we Lebanon food guy able take out any door you're serving front but. People have spent more time than ever cooking in their kitchen this past year which is paper so many reasons and also exhausting for so many reasons. What a great easy dish to make anyone feeling at home cooking burn. Well I'm an okay. It what I love to see happening and I speak with Food Network is doing a great job with the discovery plaza then you've heard about this stuff but people can get they could fight get their favorite recipes that they love and get a little video about how to do it. So maybe it's from a shell may be expelled I know giving tips of how to do it. But I got to play something is up there and the opportunity to you cook think that you never could before has there. It had on top of that if you couldn't find the I'm making right now what we call the other class group in this is that might. Chicken joint called god certain guys that kick a guy. And it's people are targeting a chance now to grab ingredients that they never could get you can go to your brokerage urinating fine powdery stuff or you could buy green red paint but not good order online at the next day they're so I think it is wide open right now with kids. OK guy. It was so nice to see our thanks to guide Thierry tournament of champions chills. Premieres on food network's Sunday march 7 but extended episode is straining on discovering a plus for all this food. Check out flavor tap kitchen would locations nationwide it was great I love that chicken. Go to our website for more information at. And a chicken recipe.

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{"duration":"8:18","description":"The Food Network star also discusses his restaurant Flavortown and what dish made him fall in love with American comfort food.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76281169","title":"Guy Fieri on helping restaurants amid pandemic and hosting ‘Tournament of Champions’","url":"/theview/video/guy-fieri-helping-restaurants-amid-pandemic-hosting-tournament-76281169"}