Lori Loughlin criticized for 'smiley' court appearance

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on how the actress was perceived when she arrived to face the judge for allegedly being involved in the "Varsity Blues" scandal.
4:26 | 04/05/19

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Transcript for Lori Loughlin criticized for 'smiley' court appearance
Welcome back. So Lori Loughlin will probably do some jail time in her role in the college admission scandal. She seems to be taking it really well. She's doing photo ops and signing autographs for her fans. She's very chipper. She's aunt Becky. She should act a little more contrite. She's not that good of an actress. I'm not sure if somebody -- do you think she knows this is not a hallmark film? This is real life. No the lifetime movie. This is not "Full house." This is the big house. Maybe she's planning her lifetime auto biographical movie. This is poor form. I thought if one of the prosecutors see that tape they'll be infuriated. This is serious. You're talking about other kids that didn't get the seat at the school after working really hard because you did something illegal. You gamed the system. That's ridiculous. I've been saying from the very beginning that prosecutors aren't going to give them a plea deal without jail time. A lot of legal experts have disagreed with me. Then that prosecutor sees that. Law enforcement officials said you can't have people being treated differently because they have money. That's how we got to this place. Every defendant will be treated the same and prosecutors said any plea would come with a recommendation by prosecutor that is the actresses serve sometime behind bars. Maybe she thinks she can buy her way out. Part of the problem is she's become the face of everything culturally we hate about white privilege. I can buy my kids' way into college. I can spend $500,000. As someone who loves a party bus, she arrived to court in a party bus with her lawyers. I thought that was weird. Then she's getting out and waving and smiling. It's like you did a heinous we don't know the ramifications and you're acting like it's a red carpet. It's amazing and so far off from the seriousness of this case and I think it offended so many people. A lot of times defense lawyers will have consultants that tell defendants how to dress, how to act. You remember the Menendez brothers. They killed their parents and showed up in court looking like choir boys. They killed their parents and then said they're orphans. Joy made a good point -- I wanted to bring that up. I agreed in our meeting this morning when we were talking about this. There are going to be consequences. I think about the kids a lot. There are a lot involved in that. You're who you are because of the household you're raised in. I can't imagine going on their Twitter threads and seeing the threats and bullies. I think we all just need to take a step back and say what environment do we want to live Take a seat. I don't condone the bullying. I don't want any threats against any of them. When you commit such a crime, you should display yourself in public in a way that looks remorseful. She's not doing that. But the law is the law, sunny, whether she acted like that or not, they shouldn't use that in court. You have to show a bit of contrition. Why? That's not the point. You're not going to the club. You're not going to the emmys. She committed a crime. They haven't been convicted yet. Isn't that why juries don't watch television? Not the jurors, but the prosecutors. I feel sorry for the children. We're talking about young adults and kids. The law is the law, but there's discretion when it comes to time served. I've got to go.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on how the actress was perceived when she arrived to face the judge for allegedly being involved in the \"Varsity Blues\" scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62203971","title":"Lori Loughlin criticized for 'smiley' court appearance","url":"/theview/video/lori-loughlin-criticized-smiley-court-appearance-62203971"}