McConnell plans speedy impeachment trial

As the third impeachment trial in U.S. history is set to begin, “The View” co-hosts discuss why Democrats are taking issue with the language around witnesses and evidence.
5:20 | 01/21/20

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Transcript for McConnell plans speedy impeachment trial
Today is the third impeachment trial in American history, and it's set to begin. People are already crying foul. Senate Republicans want to pass rules giving both sides 24 hours over two days to make opening arguments and also want to keep possible testimony from national security adviser John Bolton behind closed doors. So how do you do this when everyone said, well, we've got to see what's going on. It didn't be behind closed doors and you can't have quiet testimony. We have to see it. They're saying well, you know, you can't do this. If there's nothing, then let the trial go on. Prove that -- prove that the Democrats -- prove that the Democrats are as dumb as you keep saying they are, and as ridiculous as you keep saying. Prove it. That's all you have to do. This is what you said you wanted. Everybody said they wanted to get the information. So now we want to get the information. Now y'all go, well, not that information. Right. We wanted different information. It's unprecedented to keep these documents back and the new witnesses also. 69% of Americans want to see new witnesses, and want to see documents, but that doesn't seem to impact, you know, Moscow Mitch at all because you know what? I'm curious, what is he hiding? Everyone who's defending trump seems to be hiding something, you know? He has something on them. You notice that? His two lawyers, Dershowitz and Ken Starr, I don't know what they're hiding. They did defend Epstein. I'll just say that. They defended Epstein. I'm not saying they were involved with Epstein, but it seems like there's something very gross about all these people that they have something to hide. What about the law? I mean, where are we at with the law? It's bad on all sides with Jeffrey Epstein. It' ts interesting me to joy's point, if 69% of the her. S want to hear the evidence, want a fair trial and want a real trial, and this is supposed to represent the people, why aren't they representing the will of the majority of Americans? That's the first step, right? We vote them into office. They work for us, but the second thing is there is a legal consensus really. Virtually every constitutional lawyer says this is just not how it's supposed to be done. I don't really think there's any precedent for doing it this way. We have a platform, but a lot of people want to know what they can do because a lot of my friends feel very powerful and very depressed and upset. I say call your senators. Call Susan Collins of Maine, Romney of Utah, call murkowski of Alaska. Call Gardner and the senator of Tennessee. Speak your mind. They only need 51 votes. They need 51 vote. The whole thing will change around if they decide we need new witnesses and documents. It's only the will of the people that will do it though. Nothing else. Well, I mean, this new CNN poll that came out said that only half of Americans said the senate should convict trump and remove him from office. 51% said they should, and 49% said they shouldn't. A little more than half want him to. I would never underestimate Mitch Mcconnell. He's a really shrewd long-term political animal and I think he knows what he's doing. I think the politics of this are a lot of these candidates that we're going to get to "The new York Times" endorsed, women are pulled off the campaign trail because of this. Politically it will ultimately end up hurting Democrats and I said to you on the show, whoopi, which you corrected me because I don't want to get in trouble again, but if you take this shot, don't miss. I mean that metaphorically for the 10,000th th time, and I meant that metaphorically. I think it's more about the election than it is about the impeachment trial. This is a coverup. I would focus on voting him out. I agree with that too, but how does this vindicate trump when the American people see there is a coverup, and we don't see the real trial? I don't see trump gets vindicate which is his greatest dream for us to say, you're okay. If the Republicans follow this course, and if they are, you know, so adverse to the will of the American people, I think that ultimately it will affect the Republicans because when you go to the ballot box, are you going to vote for that senator that did not do your will? Are you going to put that person back in office? I don't think so. Here's this. That everybody keeps saying this is going to be like the Clinton trial, you know, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Yeah. Impeachment is impeachment. It doesn't matter what side it is. If you need to be removed as president, people need to hear it, and I don't know if people are looking forward to removing a president, but I do believe that the American people, regardless of who they voted for, really do care that the process stays the way it's supposed to.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"As the third impeachment trial in U.S. history is set to begin, “The View” co-hosts discuss why Democrats are taking issue with the language around witnesses and evidence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68429621","title":"McConnell plans speedy impeachment trial","url":"/theview/video/mcconnell-plans-speedy-impeachment-trial-68429621"}