Hotel Guests Succumb to Unknown Killer

Act 1: An elderly couple and a boy staying in the same room weeks apart pass away.
3:00 | 05/24/14

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Transcript for Hotel Guests Succumb to Unknown Killer
Tonight, here, so many families dream of the perfect getaway you're about to see what happens when that getaway takes a deadly turn. A quiet kiln was waiting at a hotel and struck in the same room just weeks before. Tonight's matt gutman unlocking the mystery of room 225. Reporter:3,000 feet up in the brisk blue ridge mountain air, the busy little town of boone, north carolina. As in daniel boone, he camped here. And 200 years later, the tourists are still coming. It's a college town. It's one of those things that's -- like a small community. Just about everybody knows everyone. Reporter: Where everybody is welcome at the best western hotel. Cable tv, buffet breakfast, and indoor heated swimming pool. One of the few in town. And something they may not tell you at the front desk -- a dark secret in room 225. The guests were dying. Tell me about the day that you decided to drive up to boone. We were going to pick up our daughter from science camp that she was up there. Reporter: Jeannie williams decided at the last minute to turn a day trip from the family farm in rock hill, south carolina, into an overnight adventure for her homeschooled 11-year-old son jeffrey. He just liked hotels. He liked to travel, and he thought it was a neat thing to do for some reason, and he just enjoyed it. Reporter: They checked into the best western in boone on JUNE 7th, 2013. But not into room 225. Newspaper reporter elizabeth leland -- and now in one of those terrible tragic ironies in this case, the room they were in reeked so much of cigarette smoke that they asked to be switched to another room. Reporter: They were upgraded to room 225. Was it a nice room? It was a nice room. It was a big room, and it had a fireplace and it had a kind of heart-shaped tub. Jeffrey wasn't quite sure about that. He thought that was quite interesting, and never had seen that before. Reporter: Was there anything unusual about the room? No, there was nothing. Reporter: Jeffrey is in bed, IN HIS PJs. My last vision I have of him is just sitting on the edge of the bed and him holding the ipad and playing a game. Reporter: But something comes over jeannie. I started feeling bad, and just kind of a stomachache kind of feel. I thought maybe something I had eaten. Reporter: In the bathroom, it gets worse, 911 worse, but her phone is in the other room. And I'm thinking I just got to get to my phone. I just got to get to my phone. And I remember on the floor reaching and try get to the door to open the door, and i couldn't. And then that's the last thing i remember. And I fell, I guess. Reporter: The next morning, brianne williams, waiting for her mother and brother, but they never show. This is not typical of your mother. No. I remember sitting at the lunch table, and all of my friends are around me, and I said you know something, something's wrong. Reporter: She calls her dad. He calls the hotel.Clerk checks on room 225 and finds jeannie and jeffrey. They never left the room. Ma'am, I've got two bodies and I need some help down here now. Okay, are they breathing? Are they awake? No, no. They're not. Please hurry. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital room. I couldn't talk. I guess that was from being in a coma. They hand me a note pad and a pencil or a pen because I wanted to know where jeffrey was. Reporter: Jeannie scribbles a "b," for bit, her husband's pet name for their son. And then he said, "bit." And that's when he told me that jeffrey was with jesus. And then he just kept telling me, "be strong. I need you. I need you." Reporter: How did jeffrey die? The first clue was in that 911 call from the best western. This just happened to us last month so please come help us. Reporter: Hear that? "Just happened to us last month." Then she says it again. You don't understand, we just went through this. Reporter: For emt mike edmisten, first on the scene to rescue jeannie williams, the call to the best western and room 225 was eerily familiar. And I think, "hey, that sounds familiar." Reporter: Turns out, he had been on another call to that same room seven weeks earlier. And I look at my partner, and I said, "if I'm not mistaken, that's the same room we had the last call in." Reporter: What's your reaction? Then we walk in, and we find two more bodies, same room. Reporter: Suddenly you realized that room 225 is some sort of death trap? Yes. Reporter: Four bodies, same hotel room. Same hotel room. And then you start thinking, you know -- something's going on. Reporter: The first sign "something was going on" came seven weeks before, back in april. Just like jeannie and jeffrey williams, daryl and shirley jenkins -- a retired couple from washington state -- spent the night in room 225. When they didn't show up for breakfast, someone had gone to check on them, too. And when she opened the door, she found shirley lying in the front entranceway near the bathroom. And daryl was lying in the hot tub, and they were both dead. Hello. Hello. Tell me what's going on there? I just got in the room. There's two people. Neither one of them are breathing. Neither are breathing? No, ma'am. Stuff like this don't happen here. Reporter: Did a killer slip in and out of a locked hotel room in the dark of night, taking the lives of daryl and shirley jenkins, without leaving a single clue? Damon mallatere's company manages the hotel, which is not owned by best western, he says he heard it was something much more mundane. The subsequent conversations I had with the police department indicated to me that the medical examiner was telling them that he was pretty sure it was death by heart attack or natural cause. Reporter: The medical examiner, dr. Brent hall, had not, in fact, determined daryl and shirley jenkins died of simultaneous fatal heart attacks in room 225 back in april. He hadn't determined any cause of death. He had mailed off blood samples to the state lab in raleigh, hoping they could help. Hard to imagine anything more urgent than finding and stopping the killer of that elderly couple. But for some reason, dr. Hall did not ask the lab to put a rush on those samples. And they sit there. They sit there for 40 days until the first test is done. Reporter:LLVENTUAY, LIKE The morning fog that settles on this mountain town, the mystery just drifted away. Unsolved. It was as if the entire town of boone simply shrugged. There was no sense of urgency to figure out what happened. It was a mystery that lingered, but I don't think it was in the forefront of people's minds. Reporter: Six weeks after the jenkins died, the hotel reopened room 225. A week after that, jeannie williams and her son jeffrey checked in, the killer in room 225 was back. Okay, get out of the room. Everybody get out of the room.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Act 1: An elderly couple and a boy staying in the same room weeks apart pass away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"21581764","title":"Hotel Guests Succumb to Unknown Killer","url":"/2020/video/hotel-guests-succumb-unknown-killer-21581764"}