Eddie Cahill Talks 'Conviction' Ahead of Premiere

ABC News' Frank Elaridi catches up with the star of ABC's new show on the set of 'Dancing With The Stars'
5:44 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Eddie Cahill Talks 'Conviction' Ahead of Premiere
Everybody its regular meeting with Good Morning America and I'm with Eddie Cahill of course is the star of ABC's new cell conviction which airs tonight after Dancing With The Stars. And that's why we're here just got enough that it conviction is as far from the southern accent but I mean all this is incredible it's pretty Brandon and his great and so often behind the scenes on TV you get in and elect solvents bake it doesn't look like what looks like on TV here in silicon in the real thing it's very cool. It's definitely a first time DeVon in the first. On and if you're going to be built only way to do really what you're doing things like you have them at the in the why do anything with an interview and that OK. Look at that by the way I have a larger fuel and fuel Italy personalized added. The little guys it's a test Michaels with an identical at the feet thing. The sum it up as he showed they think a lot of people are really fascinated me. You know like making a murder early this serial month the police show's web somebody maybe the killer or whatever there convicted of and but then you get like tampered evidence and other things that we've not done. You know it's it's possible to go and we don't get is yeah. I'll help. Well Oregon finished the going to enjoy every minute ultimately voted that you feel convicted. Literally locking up that. IBM news weather and I did see you know it's a best case provocative legal procedural takes you inside the world. Judge takes on Cleveland wrongful incarceration every week units five days to figure out. Whether or not our cruisers and build through good reasons or not. And you know it's it's run by his Morrison. To order the United States and she's it was dangerous at least. And what I what I really like that disease this is a journalist in his league leading into the headlines all the time. Use you guys who Valencia and actually take from real stories and kind of yes like real. The other big headlines fluid that everybody would know. A game in the second episode. We didn't version of the Central Park you know which was the prospect three so in that respect yes and I think most of them feel familiar. Or totally just feel time in a time appropriate time sensitive. You know anything anything need to teach you Alan arrive any glow legal lingo. As we want to TV. Is that kids they've answered yeah. Yeah that's right. And ultimately reported on its. Face this that's incredible. You know what I think everything comes together with the constant vigilance that is yet. You will that help them. Ink and paint on condition of the previous week I would think is the moment in my everything you crimes of fashion I don't know the only leading towards leaving him. My guts but he did this. I object not I don't know any legal terms to be Alan and if your if you would that he join alike learn a quick touch doesn't mean that without it. So yeah doing all soft. It's gone I mean I do about my. We'll be features educational like yes. Its. Growth might have won't. We hear me now. Night live. The sum of the circle to some drama I don't. Yes well it's we have done a figure eight. Do you see. Isn't ready to figure. Very good bill as early to print this is it the this. And break it I don't want Clinton you know we can do for us. Stick side. Rusty fronts. And steps. That his answer also. I'm excited to be your mind through dollars and you know I'm a fan big big big fan this on the horse and and so when we got people here. Tonight the world lives worldwide. Led in led. The lawyer. Worse yet to be human and so and and what do you any possible way that Osama Littleton and sausages. It's very passionate. On conviction in advance. And its own costs so it's going to be a good whole way through rubble. Is going to be there. Those guys being three thirds expect it works. Given us. We want. You can attracted to that next season when you're ready to do it. Come here. Since you've got I mean how cool that you're you're right that it's. Through a variety. Another record I have of those hills along those lines like. You know this. That's critical. They guys still we're gonna want to show tonight but the makes them. Tonight's beat chase and I support pusher. These picks up this picture of the case that you believe is a guy who might. Most prefer stay in jail. But she decides that you know its case would look at it and see this guy maybe lose locally accused in its. Provocative word I keep going back to its a good book and they get some real good heat between you know pays her daughter's life character or the like this was third. The beginning of us learning so. We'll read about their history. So bought a lot of them provocative page especially for tonight. Provocative limitations on days off and we're being told I hear the mothers saying get off the snake felt that everybody. Coming to Eddie Cahill who thank you Allan thank utilizing. Check out conviction today after getting the stars for Good Morning America in Los Angeles I'm Frank Miller media.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"ABC News' Frank Elaridi catches up with the star of ABC's new show on the set of 'Dancing With The Stars' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42869335","title":"Eddie Cahill Talks 'Conviction' Ahead of Premiere","url":"/Entertainment/video/eddie-cahill-talks-conviction-ahead-premiere-42869335"}