Idris Elba talks 'Hobbs and Shaw,' 'Avengers' and married life

The actor says he's down to do an "Avengers" origin story on his character Heimdall.
2:58 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for Idris Elba talks 'Hobbs and Shaw,' 'Avengers' and married life
It's. The fire fantastic job and of the duke amazing election Bill Gates. And hanging. I've got. What I. From playing this character breaks didn't the most rewarding animal challenging if you reflect back like what was the hardest for you to get all over a local thing that you verbal sat. Interest in question I mean I think that the partisan who's trying to understand how to play but she would be and has an announcements this is a man. Who's who shot in the face he practically die. The boy back to get a game and responded and sort of like chickens grinned and allows him to see the world slightly differently. And trying to make that human. I think census farm is being and habits you know you've got to who's probably the biggest moves them to budget statement because actions and was. And it's who of them against me what was satisfying is that I keep. And are really. You know that was unfortunately yes. I'm belief. Talking about the super hero bill T we've seen you in at different extent. And all in you know infinity more. He opener let's say origin story or anything of that guarantee. I'm. Susan Landau is essentially. Part of the gone from Germany who you know he just say Citicorp real life. Designers put out it. A. Of course the Fargo tower two goes way back into this youthful mythology to ask argument zoology and I'm sure Libyan interest in ways it. Bring of course yes. Can you talk about you know just been very public been enjoying that and how is how it. How that couple Malone right now is do you get downtime. I feel like you're always so busy. Yeah it's it's funny though it is itself. Outlook is very very to Monday and below is very very flexible about and she's she's really hit now we. We tend to just make it found it it's important that we spend time ago in decades. Marriage. Commitment. I enjoyed it honoraria Imus Bianca. One of the things this review just as obviously they find themselves in normal close to me. There's been married because what we Cuba but it goes away it's a lecture in. Partners. Honestly even me now made me more and more accessible. Cinemanow and you know the only single mind mode and it wasn't working unity but believed his own. But you know home was worth destiny found review punitive about the Americans you know just that means you see. See you now you know Nancy Collins as opposed.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The actor says he's down to do an \"Avengers\" origin story on his character Heimdall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"64997867","title":"Idris Elba talks 'Hobbs and Shaw,' 'Avengers' and married life","url":"/Entertainment/video/idris-elba-talks-hobbs-shaw-avengers-married-life-64997867"}