Celine Dion announces new Vegas residency

The superstar is heading to Las Vegas’ Resorts World theater in November.
2:37 | 05/12/21

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Transcript for Celine Dion announces new Vegas residency
Let's turn now to ABC's Kyra Phillips who is in D.C. With the latest headlines. T.J., good to see you. We begin here today with the escalating deadly tensions overseas. Israelis and Palestinians appearing to be on the path to war. Israeli military saying more than a thousand rockets were launched from gaza into Israel within the past 48 hours. The iron dome defense system intercepting most of them. Those attacks happened after Israel flattened an apartment building and what it called hamas and other terrorist targets killing nearly four dozen people, including ten children. The Israeli military calling up thousands of reservists right now. And the breaking news here at home, Liz Cheney now stripped of her leadership in a voice vote on capitol hill. The Republican congresswoman delivering a fiery last stand, leading fellow lawmakers in prayer just before that secret vote and vowing to do all she can to make sure former president trump never gets near the oval office again. Cheney warning that the former president risks inciting further violence by perpetrating those election lies. And the key face-to-face meeting coming up at the white house today, 113 days into the Biden administration, president Joe Biden and vice president Harris sitting down with the so-called big four in the oval office talking about leading democratic lawmakers, Pelosi and Schumer, and Republicans Mcconnell and Mccarthy. They are expected to discuss, quote, policy areas of mutual agreement. And the battle brewing between cruise ships and the state of Florida. Norwegian cruise lines threatening to pull its ships from Tampa, Miami and key west if the governor does not allow them to mandate vaccinations for passengers. Governor Desantis signed a recent ban on vaccine passports. The company's CEO told us in an exclusive interview on "Gma" that they are determined to come to a compromise with the governor. And, ladies and gentlemen, Vegas is back in a big way with this news now from Celine Dion. The superstar launching a new residency at the theater at resorts world, kicking off, we are told, in November. Other founding headliners, guys, including Carrie Underwood, our favorite "American idol" judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and tickets on sale later this month and inside scoop, apparently Celine Dion has been taking up ballet during the pandemic so we may get a plie or two. She needs a little more talent. I felt like she was lacking in some of those departments so, you know, we'll see. Underachiever. She's amazing. Add it to the list of things she does extremely well. Kyra, thank you very much. You bet.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The superstar is heading to Las Vegas’ Resorts World theater in November.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77645742","title":"Celine Dion announces new Vegas residency","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/celine-dion-announces-vegas-residency-77645742"}