Deadly California fire burns over 90,000 acres

Nearly 40,000 people are under an evacuation order due to the Carr fire in Redding, California, that has destroyed more than 500 homes.
4:41 | 07/30/18

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Transcript for Deadly California fire burns over 90,000 acres
the repter brokehe story about CBS cef les moons. First, the devas wildfires out west. Scenes likethis, just unbelievable. Showing theevn rtherncalifornia. Walls of flames surdi the roads. Now the death toll isri. At least E thrg the fires, the scorching more than ac destroying nearly structure. It's fced8,000 people to thousandofefighters E hitting the front lines. Workin24-hour shifts to battle the flames. Kayna Whitworth son T Reing. Good morning, a. Reporter: Ding. 'Vng those shifts for days on manyst responders losing their own homes. This fire movedcredibly fast an B very hot. Lookt is. 'S reducing these homeso just as wk this way, it dtroyed en communities. You jt the front door of thihome. As I this way, a wider Yo canrasp W we're talking about here. This I THR Sepe homes. But I'mliyou, the's deruction LI this for 149 square miles. The monstr fire obliterating neighborhan 90,000 acres burng I don't even careut my housright now. I just tonow where M husband is, and IFS safe. Reporter: Nearly 40,000 LE under evacuation orders. Flame exhausting fire crew residents growing SP they just put out this firown here wh garden ho 'S already srk up. He's going back. Helicr coming right he. I have never seen a fire such destruction here this this ea erbefore. Reporter:y first responrs losing their own ho chia campbellto get her kids and pets out while her and is one firelines. It was red, hot nd ash and leaves. It looked lik I was right there. Their home a total nearlyverything the have is in the back of hercar. T's a lot more than other people were ablearsf a increasing death toll firefiteomes burned to their fotions. Moha 600 homes destyed. Talking to my grandson on the phone. He's saying dp please, come and help us byney. D on. Grandpa's come. Reporter: But his wife, melody, anheir two great-andchildn inside c-130. Anovnight, wreirefighter battling the nearby Ferguson fire. 3-year-old cap Brian N credible tragic. As you look nd. Imagine whatsoi to take for the people of to I sh home owners who said they cld make out the homeslandscapin withay this was unprecedented. They CD it worst ce scio. We know THA six people have died.the sherf's off says they haveeportsfen mizi people. Overnight, a little bit good news. Firefighters seise 17% contained right now. We'rehankfulthat. Kayna, thank you. The wildfi isdevastation. Rob Marciano just backrom front no relienght. No, the is going to coue. Eye departmentsm all ove west. Yesterday, T engine here, howhe fire was burnin they're deaheat, E dryconditions own nds. These eric W look at this. Treesnocked down from 50 to -mile-an-hnds here where homes burne smoke, at times, has been holding Dow thes D the nd think the smoke may clear to allow F more heating.we have red frn the easrn washing an E Oregon. 90 as a Idaho. Amy? No relief I all GHT, rob. Thank you so M

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Nearly 40,000 people are under an evacuation order due to the Carr fire in Redding, California, that has destroyed more than 500 homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56909667","title":"Deadly California fire burns over 90,000 acres","url":"/GMA/News/video/deadly-california-fire-burns-90000-acres-56909667"}