NFL star Antonio Brown accused of sexual assault

Britney Taylor, 28, claims in a new lawsuit that the New England Patriots star “exploited” and “sexually assaulted” her after she began working with him in 2017.
5:42 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for NFL star Antonio Brown accused of sexual assault
new allegations overnight against NFL star Antonio brown accused of sexually assaulting a woman would worked as his trainer all part of a new lawsuit. Paula Faris is here with those details. Good morning, Paula. Good morning, everyone. These are serious allegations. The two first met in college where they were in a bible study together. Years later she started working with him as his trainer. She is saying he preyed on her kindness and her religious devotion. Fires over the middle. Caught, brown. Reporter: In a newly filed civil lawsuit superstar wide receiver Antonio brown is accused of sexually assaulting his former fitness trainer. The allegations breaking just days after the 31-year-old ignited a firestorm by demanding his release from the Oakland raiders and then signing with the new England patriots for $15 million just days later. Brown's accuser identifying herself as 28-year-old Britney Taylor, a former lsu gymnast who began working with brown in 2017. According to the lawsuit she says he exploited and sexually assaulted her after she claims he used manipulation and false promises to lure her into his world. In the lawsuit Taylor accuses brown of assaulting her on at least three separate occasions and after one alleged incident she claims the wide receiver bragged about the incident through astonishing profane and angry text messages. The fact she's using her name, I think it lends credibility to what she is saying and what the lawsuit is Reporter: Brown has not been charged criminally in a statement from brown's attorney. The seven-time pro bowler denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit and claims brown and Taylor were involved in a consensual personal relationship adding that any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual. In her lawsuit, Taylor says she told several people including one of brown's staff members about one of the alleged experiences. Brown coming off a summer of being sidelined by a cryotherapy accident showing off his frost bitten feet on HBO's "Hard knocks" and misses practices in a protest over his helmet all before taking his bitter dispute with the Oakland raiders public pleading for his release from the team on Instagram before being filmed getting his wish. Free! Reporter: The NFL was taken by surprise according to ESPN along with brown's new team, the patriots, where he was expected to begin practicing today. They want to stand by a guy that they don't know who has a questionable reputation in the last couple of months or do they want to go forward with a receiver that they were willing to sign because of how good and talented and dynamic he is. Reporter: Overnight the patriots releasing a statement saying, it takes the allegations seriously adding, under no circumstance does this organization condone sexual violence or assault. The league has informed us that they will be investigating. Now, the patriots reportedly were caught completely off guard by this. They'll have to determine what to do next because brown was slated to practice for the first time officially with the team his representation is calling this a money grab and Britney Taylor, she is seeking unspecified damages and she is demanding a trial but it is significant that she is putting her name, likeness, identification. Not hiding at all. Thank you very much. We'll bring in ESPN's Ryan Smith. He joins us now from Bristol, Connecticut. What is your take on all this, and what do you think Antonio brown's defense will be, Ryan? Well, I think at this point he is looking at it like this is consensual sex and his lawyers sort of hit that note when they filed the response and put out their statement and they're attacking her claims investigate rossly saying they tinged to have contact after some of the alleged assaults and continued to have a relationship after those assaults and essentially this was all consensual. The interesting part, his idea of is there a countersuit? There's been talk about that might happen to try to defend his claims here, that this didn't happen. But that remains to be seen. It's not a criminal case so what more should people know about this, Ryan? That's an important distinction. Right now Antonio brown is not facing jail time or a criminal court. It's not about that. What she is doing is filing a federal civil lawsuit which essentially is saying I was sexually assaulted by brown. I had pain and suffering as a result and, therefore, I'm entitled to money damages if we saw in the piece the patriots' statement about this so what could he be facing from his new team and the NFL? That's where this gets right now the patriots are taking a wait and see approach as is the NFL. They have to let the investigation take its course and decide what to do. The key distinction, the NFL can still penalize a player whether or not they are found liable or guilty. On the one hand he wants to defend himself and already vigorously attacked these claims saying they are not true. On the other hand if this proceeds as a case and doesn't settle and goes forward not only could the police take a look and say is there a criminal case? Also's look into it. But also he could actually end up having discovery and more information could come out and the NFL in the course of looking at this in their investigation, they could use that in terms of deciding what to do nex in his case. This is far from over. All right, Ryan. Always good to see you. Appreciate it very much. Especially your insight. You take care. Great to see you.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Britney Taylor, 28, claims in a new lawsuit that the New England Patriots star “exploited” and “sexually assaulted” her after she began working with him in 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65531098","title":"NFL star Antonio Brown accused of sexual assault","url":"/GMA/News/video/nfl-star-antonio-brown-accused-sexual-assault-65531098"}