New App Will Teach You How to Meditate

ABC News' Dan Harris gives a first look at his upcoming app aimed at skeptics of meditation.
3:12 | 09/12/15

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Transcript for New App Will Teach You How to Meditate
Well, summer is almost over as you can see, a lot of us are in a funk. Time to get back to reality so this morning this guy is helping me -- thank you, Dan -- by extension all of us get our heads back in the game. I'm launching a new app that teaches you how to meditate. I used to be a serious skeptic until I saw the studies it can make you more focused so I've roped Paula and a few other famous faces you might recognize into giving this new app a test drive. At work. Hey, good morning, guys. Reporter: At home. This is the life of a working mother. Reporter: Even in her minivan, I've seen Paula Faris' hectic life up close and personal. Okay, Dan, you finally convinced me to start meditating. Quick back story here. Drugs called statins. I got into meditation after having a panic attack live here on "Gma." Too early to prescribe statins slowly for cancer production. Reporter: I wrote a book about my journey and now launching a new app along with my meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein called "10% happier meditationtation for fidget Yi skeptics." It's scientifically validated exercise for your brain. I just completed day one and I realize there is a war going on in my mind. Reporter: Every day for two weeks Paula loses the app watching a short video, listening to a guided meditation and texting with her one-on-one coach. She even meditates with her daughter Caroline. Meditating gets me calm. Reporter: The overwhelming sensation I felt was that the button on my pants was going to explode. Reporter: She's not alone. We offered some familiar faces the chance to test drive the app. Including Mario batali. So here's what we're going to do. Reporter: Co-host of "The chew." I feel relaxed already. I like focusing on my breath. Reporter: And Alan Cumming from "The good wife." Two pronged attack. Did my first day, what I think is really great is that it just not automatically cause a Kaya it could make it unstable. Meanwhile, graswald remains in jail on $9 million bondit awaing l.ia tr A trial that will no doubt getot a L of attention, thank you, appreciate it. Over to rob and you got news out of Boston, Dan's hometown. Well, his patriots, congra night. First game in the NFL season and Tom Brady is back. No deflatedootb It's not raining there now but will later in the day, fog hanging over that city. Take a look at the shot. There you go, low clo at the very least and rain will encroaching I think most will get there after let's go through what we think will happen as the system of a complicated number, one-two punch with the low pushing off towards the I-95 corridor when itcoastline, late10%. I like that. Might have to patent it. Check out the app you can find it in the apple app store and get it for free at least initially and then also you can go to 10% if you don't have an iPhone and if it can work for Paula Faris -- It's great for your brain, people. Let's put it that way. I just signed up for it and already got my meditation coach contacted me this morning. You're 2% happier already. I'm actually 1%. You get some value there. Enough math jokes. Coming up here on "Gma,"

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris gives a first look at his upcoming app aimed at skeptics of meditation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33707958","title":"New App Will Teach You How to Meditate","url":"/GMA/video/app-teach-meditate-33707958"}