Teacher Snaps Jaw-Dropping Picture of Great White Shark

Art teacher Amanda Brewer took the one-in-a-million photo on a trip to South Africa.
2:13 | 10/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Snaps Jaw-Dropping Picture of Great White Shark
There's something for you. Listen -- Is jaws nearby? It's not shark week. But it's like it. It's an incredible close encounter with a great white. This was shot by a school teacher visiting South Africa who says she was just in the right place at the right time. But it's a true one in a million shot. It's the jaw-dropping photo even scarier than jaws itself. And it's going viral this morning. Big-time. Over 350,000 likes on instagram. Over 78,000 likes on Facebook. And the brave soul who snapped the too-close for comfort pict, says it was luck. I went with the gopro camera in hand, and it was a perfect storm. Reporter: Amanda brewer is an art teacher in New Jersey. But she spent her summer vacation doing something more dangerous. Interning for an animal conservation group in south Africa. She had the camera set to take a stream of rapid pictures one after another hoping to catch something. Boy did she. The shark came up out of the water and I got the shot. Reporter: This morning, the photo not just making a splash on the internet, it's also earning a special place hanging in her classroom for all of her impressed students to see. They see the picture in the classroom and they're all so excited about it. It's been an amazing experience to share with my students. Reporter: She hopes that the photo will get people talking about sharks and help conserve the beautiful animals. I agree with that. But I will not be swimming in the ocean any time soon. Like bringing the music back. Get going in the morning. Get the blood pressure up. We can agree with that. Shark week. You talked about that. I did. The great whites get that gummy look. They are some weird animals. Kind of Jim carry, fire marshal bill, remember that? I do remember that. Can't get that out of my head.

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{"id":26039947,"title":"Teacher Snaps Jaw-Dropping Picture of Great White Shark","duration":"2:13","description":"Art teacher Amanda Brewer took the one-in-a-million photo on a trip to South Africa.","url":"/GMA/video/artist-snaps-amazing-picture-great-white-shark-26039947","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}